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Marko's band Poets of the Fall gained fame for Late Goodbye, the end credits song for Max Payne 2. The story goes that head writer Sam Lake (Sami Jarvi) sent Marko a poem (based on the themes and events of Max Payne 2). After being sent the poem Marko spent a night sat on his floor with a guitar and penned the award winning 'Late Goodbye' for the game.

He can also seen on the in-game TV show 'Lords and Ladies', providing the character model for Lord Valentine.

Poets of the Fall's song from the second album 'Locking up the Sun' was also featured in an episode of the hit TV show Heroes in their native Finland.

Poets of the Fall feature heavily in Alan Wake. Originally their song 'War' was confirmed to be in the game but Poets also feature as the 70s rock band Old God of Asgard providing a further 2 songs, 'The Poet and the Muse' (which features story elements in the lyrics) and 'Children of the Elder God'. It was announced on their official site that Poets of the Fall had 'heard' Old Gods of Asgard were making new material. This is in line with the new, possibly downloadable Alan Wake title.

Poets of the Fall also feature in a fictional chat show as a musical guest alongside lead writer Sam Lake.

Via the band's twitter Marko has often expressed his interest in 'story' driven video games such as Max Payne, Alan Wake and Heavy Rain.

Poets of the Fall also provide a song for Remedy's re-release of Death Rally. The song 'Can You Hear Me' was taken from their greatest hits album, Alchemy Vol 1.

The downloadable title, Rochard features a brand new Poets of the Fall song, Grinder's Blues. The song has a clear blues/country focus, keeping in line with the game. As with Poets' other songs featured in video games, Grinder's Blues plays heavily on the fictional of Rochard.


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