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    Markus Persson

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    Markus Persson is the creator of the game Minecraft, and founder of Mojang AB.

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    He is best known for being the founder and original owner of Mojang AB, which he founded to facilitate the development Minecraft and future games, such as Scrolls. He, along with his fellow co-founders and owners, Jakob Porser and Carl Manneh, sold Mojang to Microsoft Studios, now Xbox Game Studios, for approximately $2.5 billion in 2014.

    He previously worked as a programmer on Wurm Online, and the free web gallery software jAlbum.


    • Has been described by Paul Barnett as a "marketing genius".
    • The correct pronunciation of his surname sounds a lot like "passion".
    • Is quite the connoisseur of hats, and is rarely seen without a trilby or fedora on.
    • Is outspoken in his support for the indie gaming scene, and is known for his sizable donations to projects such as the Humble Indie Bundle.
    • Enjoys programming challenges, and has been known to participate in events such as the Java 4K Game Programming Contest and the Ludum Dare competition, in which contestants must create a working game from scratch in 48 hours.
    • Contributed a level titled "VVVV 4k" for distractionware's VVVVVV 2.0 update.
    • One of the kidnapped indie game developers in Swing Swing Submarine's Blocks That Matter was named Markus in honour of Persson, with his partner Alexey representing Alexey Pajitnov, creator of Tetris.

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