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    Markus Vaughn

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    One of two playable characters in Trauma Center: New Blood. He is an experienced surgeon who, like a few other characters in the series, has an ability called the "Healing Touch" that allows him to quickly finish difficult operations.

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    A skilled surgeon attending at Montgomery Memorial, a small hospital based in a remote area of Fairbanks, Alaska. Markus Vaughn is one of few who can harness the power of the Healing Touch, which manifests for him as the ability to slow the flow of time as he operates on a patient. Calm and collected at all times, he's an unflappable doctor with a strong sense of morality. He previously worked at the prestigious Concordia Medical Institute, but volunteered to be transferred to Montgomery Memorial for unknown reasons. His friend and colleague Valerie Blaylock followed him, hoping to learn how to use the Healing Touch as well. The two doctors form a peerless team who will take on any case, no matter how daunting or unusual.


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