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This air-rifle is as wimpy as the guy who carries it
This air-rifle is as wimpy as the guy who carries it
The Marquis de Singe is the only practicing physician on Flotsam Island. Former court physician to King Louis himself, the Marquis was exiled to Flotsam Island due to alleged crossbreeding experiments on the Queen's prized pet poodles. The Marquis was the first person to be exiled to Flotsam Island, but the strange winds have sent him many pirate patients over the years to continue his work, which mostly consists of amputating body parts from unlucky pirate patients that seek his expertise. The Marquis is the main villain of the first episode of Tales of Monkey Island, Launch of the Screaming Narwhal. Guybrush first meets the doctor part-way through the episode seeking medical help for his possessed hand. The Marquis tells Guybrush his hand may contain the secret to life itself and promptly restrains him, insisting that the only option is a quick, clean amputation. After escaping from the Marquis' lab, Guybrush discovers that it was the Marquis himself who is causing the fluctuation of the islands winds in order to keep a steady supply of patients ending up on the island. The doctor seems to dabble a bit in mad science as well as biological experiments, and, as far as notable inventions go, the doctor has a pet monkey with an electromagnetic tail, a mouse-run electricity generator and an air-powered rifle that is 'as wimpy as the guy who carries it'.


  • Marquis de Singe is a reference to the Marquis de Sade, after which sadism was attributed to. Knowing this reference, the player can solve the final Wind Idol puzzle in which the Marquis gets trapped in the final Idol, the noises he makes when the face is rotated hinting as to which facial parts are the correct combination.
  • 'Singe' is the French translation for 'monkey'.
  • The Marquis de Singe was incarcerated on Flotsam Island because of his crossbreeding experiments on his Queen's prize poodles. This is a possible reference and/or origin of LeChuck's own prized Pirahna-Poodles.

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