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Aside from his role as a trainer at Leatherfoot Hall for the young halfling warriors of Rivervale, Ghobber Truppack is the commander of the Great Wall Patrol, which defends the city from the dangers beyond Misty Thicket. The Great Wall, which was erected in the name of Brell Serilis, has served Rivervale well for many years. And many brave deputies have served Rivervale by taking the dangerous position of guarding the one gate along the wall. To join the Great Wall Patrol, one must first prove their worth by collecting enough orc belts to earn the favor of Deputy Budo. Marshal Ghobber will reward anyone that is "one with the wall" by presenting them with a Squad Ring that is imbued with the ability to cast a light healing spell on its wearer. The ring can be recharged by Hendi Mrubble in the Abbey of Mischief.




  • Guardians of the Vale
  • Mayor Gubbin
  • Merchants of Rivervale
  • Storm Reapers

Opposing Factions

  • Dreadguard Outer

Related Quests

  • Wall Squad Ring

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