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Marshall Law is a character that first appeared in Tekken.  His fighting style is "Jeet Kun Do".  He is also known as the "Fighting Chef".  He is also a friend of Paul Phoenix and the father of Forrest Law.

In the first Tekken, he joins the tournament in hopes of opening his own dojo. In Tekken 2 he was successful in opening the dojo, but it is attacked by Baek Doo San. He joins Tekken 2 to avenge his students.

Law owns a Chinese restaurant. The food apparently isn't very good, but he'll beat the crap out of you if you complain (shown in Tekken 4).

Tekken 2010 film

In the film 2010 film of Tekken he is portrayed by Cung Le. He is the initials people's choice having defeated Paul Phoenix in 28 seconds. Later defeated by Jin to become the people's choice.


  • He is the only character excluded from Tekken Tag Tournament to reappear in further games.
  • His character appearance, along with his son's, is based from legendary martial artist, Bruce Lee.
  • Every game has Marshall wearing at least one outfit similar to one worn by Bruce Lee in one of his movies.
  • Marshall seems to have financial troubles in almost every game, which serves as his motivation for joining the tournaments (winning the prize money).
  • In his son's (Forrest) Tekken 3 ending, Marshall could not do a "Frogman" (d+3+4). However, in Tekken 4 and Tekken 5 / Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, he can successfully do it.
  • He has several throws that are in Bruce Lee's movies.    
  • Portrayed by Cung Le in the live action 2010 film Tekken.

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