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Martial Masters (known in China as Xíng Yì Qúan, loosely translated to "Form-Intention Fist") is a 2D historical-fantasy fighting game developed and released by IGS for arcades (using their PolyGame Master hardware) in 2001. Its worldwide release was released by Andamiro.

It is the Taiwanese company's third fighting game (after Alien Challenge and The Killing Blade) and is known for both its fluid 2D animation (with a sprite style similar to Street Fighter III) and its inspiration from Hong Kong martial arts films (most notably the Once Upon a Time in China series). It takes place in early 20th century China, following the end of the Qing dynasty.

The game's Chinese name is a reference to the martial art of the same name.


The game includes 12 playable characters (one of whom must be unlocked beforehand) and 1 unplayable boss character.

  • Master Huang
  • Drunk Master
  • Crane
  • Ghost Kick
  • Tiger
  • Reika
  • Scorpion
  • Red Snake
  • Monkey Boy
  • Monk
  • Lotus Master
  • Saojin (hidden unlockable that requires two months of arcade machine operation followed by 100 credits over time, also the sub-boss for Red Snake)
  • True Lotus Master (unplayable final boss, misspelled as "Ture Lotus Master", palette swap of Lotus Master)


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