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After the Emperor Uriel Septim is assassinated during the introduction to the game, the player is sent to embark upon the main quest of the game. This involves finding Uriel Septim's illegitimate son and heir to the throne. As it transpires, Martin is the slain Emperor's son. He is not entirely suited to being Emperor right away, however. Although he is a member of the Kvatch Chapel, he expresses doubt about the Gods and why they have allowed so many tragedies to occur in Tamriel. Additionally, it is suggested that Martin had previously been involved in Daedra worship.


  • Spies
  • Blood of the Daedra
  • Bruma Gate
  • Blood of the Divines
  • Miscarcand
  • Defense of Bruma
  • Great Gate
  • Paradise
  • Light the Dragonfires


Martin Septim is voiced by Sean Bean.

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