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    Marvel Avengers Academy

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Feb 03, 2016

    Marvel Avengers Academy reimagines the popular comic universe as schoolchums.

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    Marvel Avengers Academy is a idle base building game from Tiny Co. Similar in some respects to Tiny Co's Family Guy: Quest for Stuff and EA's The Simpsons Tapped Out, Avengers Academy allows the user to take control of a school campus that hosts a variety of Marvel heroes and villains.



    The objective of Avengers Academy is a simple progression of constructing new buildings and facilities on the player's campus. Players can gain access to new buildings once they have obtained enough experience points and credits. Both of these resources can be acquired in chests, which are earned after completing missions with the player's available heroes.

    New heroes are also gated behind the cumulative experience of the player. After reaching a certain level in game, the player will be given a new set of missions within the story to "recruit" another super hero. Once the new hero sets foot on the players campus, the player is then instructed to collect four or 5 different resources to make the student join the player's academy.

    As an example let's use Steve Rogers a.k.a Captain America. Players not invite him until they reach level 6. After he is on campus, the player needs to collect: 35 Keepsakes, 40 Avengers Textbooks, Retrieve Cap's Shield, and 1,545 Credits. Keep in mind, that getting Cap's Shield requires using an in game item called Pym Particles that are rewarded through successful missions.


    Like most free-to-play mobile games, Marvel Avengers Academy supports in app purchases with the introduction of their specialized premium currency called "Shards". This resource allow players to bypass the time limits and restrictions created within the game to restrict. Certain items, costumes and, characters are only available through this currency.

    The shards in game are obtained through leveling up or by using real money. The bundles are listed in game as such:

    $1.99100 Shards
    $4.99260 Shards
    $9.99550 Shards
    $19.991,200 Shards
    $49.993,200 Shards
    $99.997,000 Shards

    Customization Options

    Marvel Avenger's Academy also features the ability to dress the players heroes and villains in various costumes and design the layout of user's campus.

    Mission Structure

    The mission board consists of 3-9 missions depending on the users in game level. Each individual mission can require at least 1 hero, or maximum of 3 separate tasks to complete. Each task will require a set amount time to complete. A task can be for a 1 minute duration, or in the longest cases up to 8 hours.

    The early stages of the Mission Board.
    The early stages of the Mission Board.

    Typically the game will request one of four different missions. A story quest (which does not occupy a mission board slot), a heroic (whichever takes multiple hours to complete with a higher reward), a boosted mission (requires a premium character to complete a task) , and an regular mission (tasks that take only a few minutes to complete).


    For limited duration, Avengers Academy will be effected by the arrival of certain characters or actions. These events tend to last anywhere from a week to an entire month. During the events new resources, characters, decorations, or costumes will be released. Below is a list of past events and their duration.

    Sun, Surf, MischiefFebruary 19th, 2016-February 25th, 2016
    Gamma AttackMarch 5th, 2016- March, 18th 2016
    Women of PowerMarch 20th, 2016- March 28th, 2016
    Guardians of the GalaxyApril 1st- April 29th, 2016
    Civil WarMay 4th, 2016- June 7th, 2016
    British InvasionJune 9th, 2016- June 22nd, 2016
    Spider-Man EventJune 22nd, 2016- August 8th, 2016
    A.I.M AttacksAugust 12th, 2016- August 23rd, 2016
    Daredevil EventAugust 25th, 2016- September 22nd, 2016

    Unlockable Characters

    Players can unlock new buildings and characters with each increase in level. Below is a list of the known available characters for unlock.

    Level 1Iron Man, Wasp
    Level 2Loki, Black Widow
    Level 4Falcon, Enchantress
    Level 6Captain America
    Level 10Ms. Marvel
    Level 20Task Master, Ant-man
    Level 23Maria Hill
    Level 30Tigra
    Level 35Hulk*
    Level 38Crimson Dynamo^
    Level 43Mandarin^
    Level 48

    Hawkeye ^

    Level 57


    *Hulk and Thor are available for "early access" purchase through in game currency called shards, which can only be obtained through leveling up and purchase by a user.

    ^Currently unreleased.

    Premium Characters

    Marvel Avengers Academy also offers a handful of characters that are only obtainable through a secondary currency called "Shards".

    Spider-Woman250 Shards
    War Machine495 Shards
    Quake500 Shards
    Phil Coulson695 Shards
    Peggy Carter700 Shards
    Vision995 Shards
    Baron Zemo*995 Shards

    *This character was only released for a limited time twice.

    Event Characters

    During special events, certain characters will become available for players to unlock. Typically their will be a handful of obtainable characters, and one or two premium characters only available through the shard currency. Below is a list of characters released in events per event.

    Gamma Attack

    A-BombRequired event items for unlock
    Red HulkRequired event items for unlock

    Women Of Power

    Pepper PottsReward for completion of the event

    Guardians of the Galaxy

    Star-LordRequired event items to unlock
    GamoraRequired event items to unlock
    DraxRequired event items to unlock
    Rocket RaccoonRequired event items to unlock
    GrootRequired event items to unlock
    NebulaPremium only. 395 Shards
    YonduPremium only. 475 Shards

    Civil War

    Black PantherRequired event items to unlock
    Agent 13Required event items to unlock
    CrossbonesRequired event items to unlock
    Madame HydraRequired event items to unlock
    Wonder ManPremium only. 495 Shards
    SifPremium only. 495 Shards
    Spider-ManPremium Early Access for 995 Shards.
    Winter SoldierEarly Access only.

    British Invasion

    Union JackRequired event items to unlock
    Black KnightRequired event items to unlock
    Captain BritainPremium only. 495 Shards

    Spider-Man Event

    Spider-ManAvailable from Civil War event, or through item unlock.
    Black CatRequired event items to unlock
    Mary JaneRequired event items to unlock
    Doctor OctopusRequired event items to unlock
    Green GoblinRequired event items to unlock
    Spider-GwenRequired event items to unlock
    ElectroRequired event items to unlock
    MysterioRequired event items to unlock
    VenomRequired event items to unlock
    Spider-HamPremium only. 495 Shards
    The LizardPremium only. 595 Shards
    Spider-Man 2099Premium only. 695 Shards
    Mile MoralesPremium only. 495 Shards

    A.I.M Attacks Event

    Squirrel GirlRequired event items to unlock
    M.O.D.O.K.Required event items to unlock

    Daredevil Event

    DaredevilRequired event items to unlock
    HellcatRequired event items to unlock
    Iron FistRequired event items to unlock
    Luke CageRequired event items to unlock
    PunisherRequired event items to unlock
    Jessica Jones415 Shards
    ElektraInside of a chest that costs 75 Shards for each attempt

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