How's the end game content?

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So I just beat the game and unlocked all the end game stuff. Is that stuff any good? Just seems like you can either do that and rehash old boss battles or just replay the game with a new character. Are people going to stick around with this game after beating it or are you just gonna move on to the next hot thing?

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Moving on, no question about it. No sense of place, identity of world. For an "MMO" to keep me coming back, I need to feel all those in spades. Marvel Heroes seems like a decent little game wrapped up in a nightmare of F2P insanity.

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I've played it a lot, specifically end game, and it's quite bad. The end game I mean, not the game. You basically run this 15 person chaotic "raid" which is a sort of horde mode in a gigantic map with 7 waves and a boss. There's also dungeons that you can do directly outside of the story, called daily because the special item they drop is only available once a day. You do both these things on increasingly harder difficulties and that's about it. Why should you do it? Well if only because you won't be level 30 when you finish the game and some of the best / coolest spells are at 30 (and I don't even mean the ultimate, just cool shit like scarlet witch has a giant aoe energy bubble, or rocket raccoon summons his budy Groot as a pet).

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I really really enjoy this game and I'm still doing the green daily boss missions at 32. But the end game is definitely lacking. Adding a nightmare and hell difficulty like Diablo is really a must for them to add with this level 60 cap.

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