Marvel Heroes Anniversary! Join the GB Supergroup!

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Marvel Heroes is currently celebrating its first anniversary with a month-event, and now is a great time to get back into the game. The Mac client is opening up for beta right now, as well, so the ThinkDifferent crowd can get in on this craziness, as well!

All this month Gazillion is holding events, giving away cool stuff, and generally making a big fuss about their first year. There is a big pile of free in-game items available for people with a level 30 character from June 4 to June 12. For those that are coming to this game new during the event, don't worry, getting to 30 is not a big deal and should only take a few hours. Gazillion also has you covered there, too, with a +5% boost to XP, rare item find, and special item find applied to everyone all the way through to this coming Sunday (June 8). With the large number of people coming back to this game for the event, it is a great time to get back into the game or to get into it for the first time. For those of you that were turned off of this game when it came out (as I was), the game has changed DRAMATICALLY and it is now a pretty great game.

To add to this celebration, and to try to bring some life back to the game from the Giant Bomb community, [section redacted] check the stickied thread and join the rest of the GB duders in Batman Batman Batman Inc!

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Hey duder - the pinned Supergroup Batman Batman Batman Inc still has over 50 active users 10 of which are on daily. I don't think's time for a new SG just yet ;)

It's an exciting time for the game and it's all well and good wanting a new start but we are ready to run raids over at BBBI and the hype is still there. Can't get over how good of an update 2015 was. The name change is still pretty silly imo - but I get it.

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@rmanthorp: I created a group because I haven't been able to get anyone to respond to me from Batman Batman Batman Inc. for the last three weeks.

To tie in, I am not so terribly attached to something new. Not too late to just hop in with you guys now!

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@alistercat: It's not as easy as it should be but basically add me and/or ZeroTekno to your friends list in game and the next time you see one of us online send us a whisper or pester us with party invites in-case we are not reading chat etc. until we add you :)


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