Marvel Heroes Special Anouncements!

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Hello all, I'm going to use this thread (as should anyone else) to pass on some things that are happening in Marvel Heroes when they happen.

I thought about doing this before for hero or costume sales, but I figured nah, kinda not worth it.

This however is pretty big. Due to a delay after the recent patch when some of their backend infrastructure was being problematic, there will be a 200% XP/Rare Item Find/Special Item Find weekend.

200%. That's... huge. It's also server side so it's actually multiplicative with all other xp bonuses, rather than additive so it greatly increases the the effect of xp/sif/rif pots and boosts.

The event will probably extend into Tuesday. Good luck.

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So that happened last weekend? That would explain why I felt like I was levelling SO fast when I played Monday night and tried that wave defense mode for the first time.

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Runes and Runewords are out today with the 2.2 release, and to celebrate they are having a 100% bonus sif and rif weekend.

Time to pop some pots and find those uniques.

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I was not aware of this when I first posted, but the rune/runeword celebration I posted about (2/8-10/2014) also included a gift box on Saturday with an Uru forged item, a gift box on Sunday with a specific rune, and a gift box on Monday with another specific rune, all of which together completed the ingredients for the first enchanted item that gives a hero a chunk of HP, +100xp per enemy defeat, and +1 int (which usually equates to a 5% xp buff) that would be nice for leveling up newer heroes.

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