PSN IDs for great pinball scoreboard challenge time!

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Since I only have one other person on my friends list that has Marvel Pinball, and I'm sure that's the case with other people on here.  Why not make a topic where people can leave their PSN IDs so we can all beef our hero and team scores up a bit.
PSN ID: Haikufrenzy
Let me know your from Giant Bomb when you send the request please.

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PSN ID: miva2

I just got this game from Playstation Plus. It's awesome! imo much better than ZEN pinball, which was already very good.

Maybe (just maybe) it's even better than pokemon pinball, but i have yet to decide that.

I really like the music.

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Got this from PlayStation Plus as well. Never really liked pinball but this game is fun and addicting.

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it is!

I love how they start fighting and it's up to the player to decide the fight xD

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PSN ID: brentsax20 I don't have the recent Marvel expansion pack yet though.

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I need more friends for this as well Eightbitshik just say you are from Giantbomb

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EthanielRain (mention GB in request)

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