Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign Game Guide

Marvel Puzzle Quest is a free-to-play game. There are micro-transactions, but you do not have to buy anything to be good at the game. The currency can be won in events or as rewards during the story portion of the game. All currency won should go into purchasing one of two things--roster or alliance spots. You are given a few roster spots at the start but they will quickly fill up as you play the story mode. At first, it will take 100c to purchase a roster spot, but it will eventually escalate to 400c or more.


You are able to bring three characters into a match. Matching three of the same color will deal damage to the other team's character based on the highest color damage multiplier on your team. Matching four of the same color will wipe out the row or column. Matching five will wipe out the row or column and generate a critical gem. The critical gem can behave as a wildcard when making a match and will multiply the damage greatly. There are also environment tiles which can activate special powers but deal very little match damage.

Story Mode

The prologue teaches how to play the game. There is also a story that introduces various heroes and villains in the game and provides a couple of common characters.


The S.H.I.E.L.D Simulator allows you to fight other user's teams for a small amount of Iso-8 and a reward as you increase in rank.


Events are the most rewarding part of the game--competing in mini-stories against other users to get some of the best rewards possible in-game.


Events have been known to extend a week with a running tally of points to gain greater rewards. Seasons are similar except they run for a month.


Alliances allow for double-dipping in rewards when completing events. Starting an alliance costs 2500 Iso-8. The first five slots on the alliance are free. Adding more slots requires paying with the in-game currency. Check the forums to join a Giant Bomb alliance.


Characters are sectioned out into five groups: common (1 star), uncommon (2 stars), rare (3 stars), and legendary (4 stars), and gold. Gold level are characters that can be found in the other four groups but with better overall stats. Each character specializes in specific colored gems and has two or three special powers that can be activated when the colored bar is filled. Skill cards are required to unlock the character powers and to raise the rank of the power. Iso-8 is used to level up the character which increases their health and the damage dealt by the gems and powers.

Below is a list of playable characters in the game. The values listed in the power's description represents its starting numbers when first learned. The damages and AP cost can change as the rank of the power increases.


Black Widow (Modern)

Trained by secret KGB "Red Room" program, Natasha Romanova was originally sent by the Russians to steal defense secrets from Tony Stark.

Gem Focus: Purple, Blue

Level Cap: 40


Aggressive Recon - Cost: 10 Purple AP - Natasha goes undercover to find her opponent’s secrets. She steals 2 Yellow, Blue, Red, and Green AP, undermining the enemy's plans and setting hers into motion.

Widow's Sting - Cost: 9 Blue AP - A dart from Black Widow's bracelets strikes the target and releases an electrical charge, stunning them for 2 turns.

Devil Dinosaur (Classic)

After being attacked and nearly burnt to death by an evil tribe, the Killer-Folk, Devil Dino is rescued by Moon-Boy. The incident activated a powerful mutation in Devil Dino giving him tremendous strength and turning his skin red.

Gem Focus: Green

Level Cap: 40


Prehistoric Bite - Cost: 6 Green AP - Devil Dinosaur smashes the enemy in his massive jaws, dealing 1350 damage to the target

Hawkeye (Classic)

Clint Barton wasn't exposed to any extraordinary radiation. He has no X-gene, no mystical artifacts, and no bottomless bank account. He has just practiced, every single day.

Gem Focus: Purple, Red

Level Cap: 40


Take Aim - Cost: 8 Purple AP - Hawkeye prepares to place the perfect shot, turning a selected basic Purple tile into a Critical tile.

Arrow Stab - Cost: 11 Red AP - No bow, no problem. Clint lunges forward, arrow in hand, clearing a selected row and dealing damage (but not generating AP).

Iron Man (Model 35)

Iron Man (1998) #76, Cover Artist: Adi Granov

Tony Stark is an inventor and industrialist, constantly working to improve his Iron Man armor. He inherited his multi-billion dollar company, Stark Industries, from his father Howard.

Gem Focus: Red, Yellow, Blue

Level Cap: 50


Repulsor Blast - Cost: 10 Red AP - A high-impact kinetic blast from Iron Man's hand deals 63 damage to the target.

Armored Assault - Cost: 8 Yellow AP - Iron Man charges to the fore and positions his armor to shield his allies, creating 2 Protect tiles. From there he unleashes his weaponry, dealing 25 damage.

Ultra-Freon Beam - Cost: 19 Blue AP - The World's Greatest Engineer freezes the target, stunning them for 1 turn and dealing 125 damage.

Juggernaut (Classic)

New Excalibur (2005) #13, Cover Artist: Michael Ryan

Once Cain Marko has built up any momentum, there is almost nothing in the universe that can slow him down or halt his charge.

Gem Focus: Green, Red

Level Cap: 40


Unstoppable Crash - Cost: 10 Green AP - Juggernaut's momentum sends him barreling through the battlefield, destroying 16 random tiles. Does not generate AP.

Headbutt - Cost: 10 Red AP - Juggernaut slams head-first into the enemy, dealing 125 damage to the target and 63 damage to himself.

Storm (Modern)

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #449, Cover Artist: Greg Land

When her mutant weather-control powers first manifested, Ororo Munroe brought many days of rain to save a village at the foot of Kilimanjaro. This caused a drought in surrounding villages, killing hundreds of animals, until Ororo learned to work with the natural order.

Gem Focus: Green, Red, Black

Level Cap: 50


Lightning Strike - Cost: 10 Green AP - Storm calls a blinding bolt of electricity from the heavens, shattering 8 tiles, doing damage and earning AP for each.

Mistress of the Elements - Cost: 9 Red AP - Fierce winds swirl, sending heavy weights aloft and turning them against the enemy. Deals 3 damage for each Environment tile, then shatters them.

Hailstorm - Cost: 9 Black AP - Ororo glares and dark clouds coalesce. Hailstones pelt the enemy, converting 16 basic tiles to Attack tiles.

Venom (Dark Avengers Spider-Man)

Dark Avengers (2009) #4, (Young Gun Variant), Cover Artist: Stefano Caselli

This alien symbiote originally attached itself to Spider-Man, gaining some of his powers. Mac Gargan, formerly the Scorpion, bonded with the creature before joining the Thunderbolts.

Gem Focus: Black, Purple

Level Cap: 40


Devour - Cost: 12 Black AP - If there are at least 6 Web tiles on the board, Venom grabs his target and eats them whole, destroying all Web tiles. Otherwise, he bites for 31 damage.

Symbiote Snare - Cost: 7 Purple AP - Venom sends out his tendrils like a rope, wrapping up an enemy to stun them for 1 turn. The tendrils leave their mark on the battlefield as Venom stalks his prey; add 1 Green Web tile to the board.

Yelena Belova (Dark Avengers Widow)

The second spy to use the code name Black Widow, Yelena lacks Natasha's morals. She has often tried to kill her predecessor to prove that she alone deserves the title.

Gem Focus: Purple, Black

Level Cap: 40


Lethal Recon - Cost: 13 Purple AP - Yelena goes undercover to damage her opponents. She steals Yellow, Blue, Red, and Green AP, undermining the enemy's plans and doing 31 damage.

Payback Mission - Cost: 13 Black AP - The enemy may have thought they were in control, but Yelena's plans for revenge have been put into motion. Turns one enemy-owned special tile into a Critical tile and hits the target for 31 damage.


Ares (Dark Avengers)

Dark Avengers:Ares (2009) #2, Cover Artist: Billy Tan

The God of War, Ares mastery of combat operations is unparalleled. His violent nature and appetite for warfare make him a controversial figure.

His alliance with the Dark Avengers put him in direct conflict the world's greatest heroes.

Gem Focus: Green, Red, Yellow

Level Cap: 85


Onslaught - Cost: 7 Green AP - Ares charges into battle, seething with fury. He channels his rage into one mighty blow, depleting the team's green AP and doing 14 damage for each. His warmongering incites the enemy, granting them 1 green AP for every 2 consumed.

Rampage - Cost: 10 Red AP - Brutal combat drives Ares into a reckless frenzy. Swinging his axe in huge violent arcs, he cleaves the enemy team for 50 damage, or 100 if he is below 20% of his max health.

Sunder - Cost: 10 Yellow AP - Ares sacrifices his body to strike a crippling blow. deals 150 damage to the enemy and 100 to himself. It takes time for Ares to recover, converting a random basic color tile to a 3 turn countdown tile that does 50 damage and heals him for 63.

Black Widow (Original)

X-Men First Class (2007) #9, Cover Artist: Roger Cruz

Equipped with a costume that allowed her to walk on walls and swing from a grappling hook fired from her bracelets, Black Widow enlisted Hawkeye's help to attempt to destroy Iron Man.

Gem Focus: Purple, Blue, Black

Level Cap: 85


Aggressive Recon - Cost: 5 Purple AP - Natasha goes undercover to find her opponent’s secrets. She steals 2 Yellow, Blue, Red, and Green AP, undermining the enemy's plans and setting hers into motion.

Anti-Gravity Device - Cost: 11 Blue AP - Stolen Stark tech increases enemy countdowns by 2. If there are none, heals allies of 100 damage.

Espionage - Cost: 0 Black AP - (Passive) Black Widow steals enemy secrets. When she attacks by making a Purple match and the enemy has Purple AP, she steals 1 from them.

Bullseye (Dark Avengers Hawkeye)

Dark Avengers (2009) #3, Cover Artist: Daniel Acuna

Able to turn most any object into lethal projectile, and with his skeleton reinforced with strips of adamantium, Bullseye was the obvious candidate to play the role of Hawkeye in Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers. Assuming you overlook his compulsion to casual murder.

Gem Focus: Purple, Black

Level Cap: 85


Adamantium Bones - Cost: 0 Purple Cost - (PASSIVE) Bullseye’s skeleton is infused with the strongest metal on earth. If there are fewer than 3 friendly Purple Protect tiles, create one whenever anyone matches Purple tiles.

Murderious Aim - Cost: 18 Black Cost - Bullseye has really taken to this bow and arrow shtick. Turns a selected (non-Countdown) tile into a Critical tile and deals 1000 damage if there are now 4 or more Critical tiles.

Captain America (Modern)

Captain America (2012) #1, (Hastings Variant), Cover Artist: Paolo Rivera

Steve Rogers enlisted to fight the Third Reich, but was rejected on account of physical frailty. His patriotism led him to receive the "Super Soldier Serum" and he became Captain America, beacon of liberty and symbol of freedom.

Gem Focus: Yellow, Red, Blue

Level Cap: 85


Sentinel of Liberty - Cost: 19 Yellow AP - Captain America courageously rushes to protect the team’s flank. Transforms 3 chosen basic tiles into Yellow Protect tiles, each with a strength of 13.

Star Spangled Banner - Cost: 11 Red AP - The Captain hurls his trusty shield into battle. Hits the target for 50 damage and transforms a chosen basic tile into a 3 turn Countdown tile that returns 8 Red AP.

Peacemaker - Cost: 12 Blue AP - Captain America gallantly launches his shield at the enemy. Stuns the target for 2 turns and transforms a chosen basic tile into a 3 turn Countdown tile that returns 8 Blue AP.

Daken (Dark Avengers Wolverine)

Dark Wolverine (2009) #76, (Young Gun Variant), Cover Artist: Mike Choi

Daken is Wolverine's son, unknown to his biological father until his adulthood. He is a sadistic killer and manipulative sociopath.

Gem Focus: Purple, Black

Level Cap: 85


Pheromone Rage - Cost: 0 Purple AP - (PASSIVE) Daken releases a scent that sets his enemies on edge, using their anger to his advantage. Whenever anyone makes a Green match, add a Red Strike tile to the board.

Healing & Heat - Cost: 0 Black AP - (PASSIVE) Daken’s healing factor allows him to recover 5% of his health every turn. If there are fewer than 8 Yellow tiles, the terrible drug “Heat” kicks in, and he loses 3% of his health instead.

Hawkeye (Modern)

Hawkeye (2012) #6, Cover Artist: David Aja

Clint Barton began his lifelong devotion to archery as a performer in the Carson Carnival of Traveling Wonders. After years spent in the circus a chance run in with Iron Man inspired Clint to become a costumed hero.

Gem Focus: Blue, Red, Purple

Level Cap: 85


Electric Arrow - Cost: 10 Blue AP - Hawkeye shoots a charged arrow, placing a Blue Countdown tile on the board. It activates after 4 turns, dealing 200 to the current target and stunning them for 2 turns.

Blast Arrow - Cost: 10 Red AP - Hawkeye shoots an explosive arrow, placing a Red Countdown tile. After 4 turns, it deals 120 damage to all enemies.

Avoid - Cost: 0 Purple AP - (PASSIVE) If there are more than 8 Purple tiles on the board, Hawkeye leaps out of the way of attacks, moving to the back of the team.

Magneto (Marvel NOW!)

Uncanny X-Men (2013) #3, Cover Artist: Chris Bachalo

His powers of magnetism still powerful, but is mastery of them broken, Magneto fights to protect new mutants from a world that hates and fears them. With control of his powers weakened, he uses the foresight and scheming developed in his years of villainy to defend mutant rights, though his checkered past makes it difficult for his companions to trust him.

Gem Focus: Blue, Purple, Red

Level Cap: 85


Iron Hammer - Cost: 6 Blue AP - Magneto forms a mass of shrapnel to hurl at his enemies. Converts a random Blue tile into a 1 turn Countdown tile that destroys the 8 surrounding tiles (Does not grant AP for destroyed tiles).

Polarity Shift - Cost: 11 Purple AP - Magneto uses the sheer force of magnetism to reconfigure the battlefield. Changes 3 selected basic color tiles to Blue.

Magnetic Flux - Cost: 8 Red AP - Magneto creates an unstable magnetic field. Turns a random basic Red tile into a 3 turn Countdown tile that deals 183 damage to the current target.

Moonstone (Dark Avengers Ms. Marvel)

Dark Avengers (2009) #2, Cover Artist: Mike Choi

Karla Sofen is a master manipulator. As psychiatrist to the original Moonstone, she convinced him to turn over the alien gravity stone that gave him extraordinary powers.

Gem Focus: Purple, Red, Black

Level Cap: 85


Gravity Warp - Cost: 8 Purple AP - Moonstone manipulates gravity, warping a random enemy Purple or Black Special tile to the location of a chosen basic tile. If there are no valid Special tiles, the warp collapses doing 75 damage.

Photon Blast - Cost: 11 Red AP - Moonstone concentrates photons into destructive blasts of radiation, harnessing ambient energy to intensify the effect. Does 25 base damage and 13 damage for each Red tile on the board.

Control Shift - Cost: 17 Black AP - Moonstone shifts control of a random enemy Countdown tile to her team, targeting the enemy. If there are no Countdown tiles, stuns the target for 1 turn.

Spider-Man (Bag-Man)

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (2006) #2, (Bag-Man Variant), Cover Artist: Mike Wieringo

Having removed his symbiote suit with the help of Reed Richards, a naked Spider-Man dons a Fantastic Four suit and a paper bag mask to get back into action as the Amazing Bag-Man.

Gem Focus: Purple, Blue, Yellow

Level Cap: 85


Switcheroo - Cost: 13 Purple AP - Spider-Man pulls the old switcheroo, swapping 2 basic colored tiles and turning them to Web tiles.

Web-Slinger - Cost: 9 Blue AP - Slings a web that wraps 1 tile(s) in a sticky cocoon. These locked tiles stick in place and their special effects are neutralized. The locked effect is removed and tile effects resume if it is matched or otherwise destroyed.

Snarky Remark - Cost: 7 Yellow AP - The wise-cracking web-head befuddles his foe, increasing the timer on a selected Countdown tile by 1 plus 1 for every Web tile (up to 10). Turns all Web tiles to basic tiles.

Storm (Classic)

The Uncanny X-Men (1963) #290, Whilce Portacio

Being worshiped as a weather goddess as a teenager gave Storm a commanding presence she needed to become a leader of the X-Men. Surviving as a child thief on the streets of Cairo gave her the grit she needed to succeed in that role.

Gem Focus: Green, Blue, Yellow

Level Cap: 85


Lightning Storm - Cost: 12 Green AP - Ororo shatters the air with a volley of lightning, destroying 2 tiles plus one for every two Green AP her team has, dealing damage and generating AP.

Wind Storm - Cost: 11 Blue AP - Storm creates a whirling tempest, damaging the enemy team for 125 and stunning the target for 2 turns.

Raging Tempest - Cost: 0 Yellow AP - (PASSIVE) Storm surrounds her team with a whirling tempest that unleashes fury when provoked. If a team member is damaged for 20% of their max health, it deals 19 damage to all enemies. If every team member is below 50% health, damage increases to 125.

Thor (Marvel NOW!)

Thor: God of Thunder (2012) #1, Esad Ribic

Thor hath strength beyond mortal men and doth wield the legendary hammer Mjolnir. He is a mighty Avenger, verily.

Gem Focus: Red, Yellow, Green

Level Cap: 85


Mjolnir's Might - Cost: 8 Red AP - Thor brings his hammer down on the enemy, dealing 44 damage. The magical energies of his hammer begin to charge his next strike, adding 3 Yellow tiles to the board.

Thunder Strike - Cost: 12 Yellow AP - A lightning bolt pierces the sky and rips into the target, dealing 81 damage. A storm is brewing; 4 Green tiles are added to the board.

Call the Storm - Cost: 14 Green AP - Thor summons a violent storm to smite the enemy. The rage of the heavens rains down on the battlefield, dealing 125 damage to the target and 63 damage to other enemies.

Wolverine (Astonishing X-Men)

Wolverine (2010) #1, Jae Lee & June Chung

James Howlett was born with retractable claws made of bone. His skeleton has been fused with adamantium by the fiendish experiments of Weapon X.

Gem Focus: Green, Red, Yellow

Level Cap: 85


Feral Claws - Cost: 6 Green AP - Wolverine's rage builds. He deals 33 damage and places 1 strength 3 Red Strike tile plus 1 for every 3 Red AP his team has.

Adamantium Slash - Cost: 12 Red AP - Wolverine rips the enemy to shreds, dealing 180 damage.

Healing Factor - Cost: 0 Yellow AP - (PASSIVE) Wolverine's healing factor mends major injury and sustains his assault. If Wolverine is below 50% health and his team makes a Yellow match, his healing factor activates, restoring 35 health.


Black Panther (Man Without Fear)

After becoming chief of the Panther Tribe and king of Wakanda, T'Challa assumed the traditional title of Black Panther.

Through the consumption of a unique herb and a link to the Panther God, his physical ability is greatly enhanced. This gift, combined with a brilliant mind and access to amazing Wakandan technology, make T'Challa a powerful ally and daunting opponent.

Gem Focus: Yellow, Blue, Black

Level Cap: 141


Battleplan - Cost: 9 Yellow AP - T'Challa analyzes the battlefield to give his team a tactical advantage. Converts one random basic Yellow tile into a strength 9 Strike tile for each 15 Environment AP the team has, consuming the Environment AP in the process. (Minimum 1 tile placed.)

Defense Grid - Cost: 8 Blue AP - T'Challa deploys Vibranium-based Wakandan technology to slow the enemy assault. Places a Blue Countdown tile that converts a basic color tile to a strength 9 Protect tile every 2 turns. if 3 or more Protect tiles are in play, conversion is suspended.

Rage of the Panther - Cost: 12 Black AP - Prideful Black Panther pounces, ravaging his opponents but provoking retaliation. Deals 194 damage to each enemy, but the enemy team gains 5 AP in their strongest color.

Black Widow (Grey Suit)

The Russian equivalent of Captain America's Super Soldier Serum enhanced Black Widow's agility, strength, and endurance. An expert marksman and master tactician, she has led the Avengers into battle on multiple occasions.

Gem Focus: Green, Red, Purple

Level Cap: 141


Sniper Rifle - Cost: 15 Green AP - Black Widow uses an accurate, long range rifle to shoot a location on the board, clearing a reticle shaped pattern. She deals damage for each tile destroyed and an additional 355 damage to the current target, but does not generate AP.

Pistol - Cost: 12 Red AP - Black Widow fires 1 shots at the board, clearing a block of tiles, dealing damage for each tile and an additional 118 damage to the current target. Does not generate AP.

Deceptive Tactics - Cost: 11 Purple AP - Black Widow eliminates potential enemy assets while preparing her own attack. Converts 2 basic color tiles (except for Green) into Green tiles.

Daredevil (Classic)

Matthew Murdock grew up in the rough-and-tumble neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen. Blinded by radioactive waste while saving a man's life, his other senses improved to superhuman level.

After the senseless murder of his father, Murdock devised a new identity with which to track down and punish his killers. Daredevil prowls the city streets, protecting the innocent, and terrifying those that would do evil.

Gem Focus: Purple, Blue, Red

Level Cap: 141


Radar Sense - Cost: 11 Purple AP - Daredevil's heightened senses let him strike first, terrifying the enemy. Creates an Environment Trap tile that, when matched by an enemy, steals 2 AP from all colors. If you match the tile, it steals 1 Purple AP and changes locations. Enemies cannot see the tile.

Equalizer - Cost: 7 Blue AP - Billy Club in hand, Daredevil prowls the battlefield, waiting to even the odds. Create a Blue trap tile that, when matched by an enemy, stuns for 2 turns. if you match the tile, it generates 1 Blue AP and changes locations. Enemies cannot see the tile

Ambush - Cost: 7 Red AP - Daredevil lurks in the shadow, ready to strike. Creates a Red Trap tile that, when matched by the enemy, deals 473 damage. If you match the tile, the enemy takes 24 damage and it changes locations. Enemies cannot see the tile.

Doctor Doom (Classic)

Victor Von Doom never actually earned his doctorate. Jealous of Reed Richards' multiple advanced degrees, he requires his Latverian subjects to use the title under penalty of death.

Gem Focus: Black, Blue

Level Cap: 141


Summon Demons - Cost: 12 Black AP - Doctor Doom summons a cadre of demonic creatures, replacing 2 basic Red tiles with Attack tiles.

Technopathic Strike - Cost: 9 Blue AP - Doctor Doom lashes out with his sinister inventions, swaying the battle in his favor. Transforms 6 basic Blue tiles to Black tiles.

Human Torch (Classic)

Alongside sister Susan, Johnny Storm was among those hit by cosmic rays on a test flight. After crash-landing, the crew exhibited strange powers: the Fantastic-Four was born!

The youngest team member, Johnny is brash and eager for celebrity. As the Human Torch, fire is his to command.

Gem Focus: Red, Black, Green

Level Cap: 141


Fireball - Cost: 8 Red AP - Johnny hurls a fistful of flame, torching the opponent. Deals 177 damage and blisters the battlefield, destroying 2 Red tiles.

Inferno - Cost: 10 Black AP - Eager to impress, the Human Torch erupts in flame, scorching the opponent but disrupting his team. Converts up to 8 basic color tiles into Attack tiles that do 12 damage each turn, but depletes the team's Blue, Purple and Yellow AP by 30 percent.

Flame Jet - Cost: 5 Green AP - The Human Torch channels a deadly stream of flaming plasma. Creates a Green Countdown tile that activates every turn, dealing 14 damage for every Green AP the team has (max 126 damage a turn). Tiles cost 1 Green AP each turn.

Iron Man (Model 40)

Iron Man's Model 40 armor was designed to be modular, with capabilities that can be adapted in the field. Tony Stark uses it to test powerful new technological developments and promising new scientific theories.

Gem Focus: Red, Blue, Yellow

Level Cap: 141


Unibeam - Cost: 13 Red AP - Tony Stark diverts all power to a focused energy beam fired from Model 40's chest. Deals 473 damage and costs 4 of the team's AP in every other color.

Ballistic Salvo - Cost: 20 Blue AP - Fires charged homing missiles. They do 355 damage to each enemy and crater the battlefield, destroying 3 basic tiles. Uses reserve power, sapping 3 AP from other AP colors.

Recharge - Cost: 6 Yellow AP - Recharges weapon systems. Creates 3 Countdown tiles that activate after 2 turns, restoring 3 Red AP each. Iron Man is then stunned for 2 turns as systems reinitialize.

Loki (Dark Reign)

The Trickster God traveled back in time to turn Odin's father Bor to snow, setting off the events that see his childhood self adopted into Asgard's royal family.

Gem Focus: Black, Purple

Level Cap: 141

Trickery - Cost: 15 Black AP - Loki’s trickery turns the enemy’s tools against them, converting enemy Protect tiles to friendly Strike tiles and enemy Strike tiles to friendly Protect tiles.

Illusions - Cost: 5 Purple AP - You can't count on anything when Loki's around. Changes the location of 14 colored tiles.

Magneto (Classic)

Having escaped Aushwitz-Birkenau in the October 7th, 1944 revolt, Max Eisenhardt is determined to protect mutantkind from threats of genocide, whatever it takes.

Gem Focus: Blue, Red, Purple

Level Cap: 141

Magnetic Field - Cost: 9 Blue AP - Magneto summons an electromagnetic shield, turning 2 chosen tiles into Blue Protect tiles, each with a strength of 9.

Magnetized Projectile - Cost: 6 Red AP - Magneto propels magnetized projectiles at his enemies destroying 5 random tiles and dealing an extra 21 damage. Does not generate AP.

Magnetic Translocation - Cost: 10 Purple AP - Exploiting metals buried in the earth, Magneto lifts and moves huge sections of the battlefield, dropping them violently. Swaps up to 5 random Blue tiles with Red tiles. Does 38 damage for each swap.

Psylocke (Classic)

A powerful mutant with a complex past, Betsy Braddock is a key member of the X-Men. As Psylocke, she uses her telepathic and telekinetic gifts to manipulate thoughts and focus psionic energy into lethal psychic knives capable of rending flesh and mind alike.

In addition to her supernatural abilities, Psylocke possesses the body and training of an elite ninja, making her a formidable hand to hand opponent.

Gem Focus: Red, Blue, Black

Level Cap: 141


Psychic Knife - Cost: 8 Red AP - Psylocke gains momentum, fluidly chaining attacks together. Deals 59 damage and creates a strength 12 Red Strike tile whenever fewer than 3 exist. Costs 1 less for each Red Strike tile (min cost 5).

Bewilder - Cost: 10 Blue AP - Psylocke steadies and channels her telepathic power, reaching into the minds of the enemy to disrupt their attack. Converts a basic Blue tile to a 3 turn Countdown tile that steals up to 9 AP from the enemies' largest color pool.

Psi-Katana - Cost: 6 Black AP - Psylocke carves the enemy up with her psionic katana. Deals 59 damage and leaves the enemy bleeding, converting a basic Black tile to an Attack tile that deals 14 damage to the current target each turn.

Ragnorak (Dark Avengers Thor)

A cyborg clone of Thor, Ragnarok shares the God of Thunder's divine strength, stamina, agility, and hubris.

Gem Focus: Green, Red

Level Cap: 141


Godlike Power - Cost: 10 Green AP - Ragnarok exhibits his godlike power, cleaving the battlefield in two. Destroys the two center columns of tiles so completely they don’t generate AP.

Thunderclap - Cost: 6 Red AP - Ragnarok calls upon the storm, dealing 71 damage to the current target and changing 2 tiles of any color to Green.

Spider-Man (Classic)

Peter Parker struggles to balance his studies, work, family life, romance, and heroism. Protecting New York City using his proportional strength of a spider, tremendous agility, and web-shooters of his own invention, he is often late for dinner.

Gem Focus: Yellow, Blue, Purple

Level Cap: 141


Web Bandages - Cost: 13 Yellow AP - Spider-Man makes make-shift slings of webbing for his friends. Removes all Web tiles, and all allies heal 118 health for every Web tile removed (minimum 118, maximum 1892).

All Tied Up - Cost: 6 Blue AP - Spider-Man wraps up the target in webbing, adding a new Yellow Web tile to the board and then stunning the enemy for 1 turn for each Web tile on the board (to a maximum of 5 turns).

Spider-Sense - Cost: 0 Purple AP - (Passive) Spider-Man's senses tingle and he moves to protect his team. If there aren't any friendly Purple Protect tiles, he creates one when his team matches Purple tiles. New Protect tile Strength is based on the number of Web tiles in play.

The Hood (Classic)

Parker Robbins was just trying to steal enough to afford good medical care for his mom. Then he shot a demon and took its cloak. Turns out the cloak was a conduit for Dormammu, The Dread One. Reluctantly using Dormammu's help, Robbins has assembled the largest empire of super-criminals in history.

Gem Focus: Yellow, Blue, Black

Level Cap: 141


Twin Pistols - Cost: 18 Yellow AP - Parker Robbins fires his twin Lorcin .380’s, destroying two selected 3x3 blocks of tiles, earning AP and dealing damage. Ends the turn.

Dormammu's Aid - Cost: 0 Blue AP - (PASSIVE) The Dread One is always working in Parker’s life. Each turn there are more than 11 Blue or Purple tiles on the board, steal 1 AP of that color.

Intimidation - Cost: 9 Black AP - The Hood demands results, threatening his allies so they work faster. Damages the target for 100 and reduces the timer on 1 random friendly Countdown tile(s) by 1.

The Hulk (Indestructible)

After absorbing huge amounts of gamma radiation, physicist Bruce Banner emerged with impressive, but volatile, super powers. When under stress Dr. Banner transform into the Hulk, a nearly invincible muscle-bound force of nature. Capable of withstanding and delivering huge amounts of damage, the Hulk is at his most dangerous when angry.

Gem Focus: Green, Red, Black

Level Cap: 141


Thunderous Clap - Cost: 10 Green AP - The Hulk claps and a sonic shockwave rips through the battlefield. Does 118 damage to the target and destroys 3 tiles plus one for every two Green AP the team has. Does not generate AP.

Smash - Cost: 14 Red AP - The Hulk smashes, consuming up to 10 of the team's Green AP and damaging the target for 284 plus 19 for each Green AP remaining. Does 30% of the damage to allies if there are more than 10 Green tiles on the board.

Anger - Cost: 0 Black AP - (Passive) The Hulk is angry! When damaged for over 5% of his health, a random basic Black tile becomes a 1 turn Countdown that changes 1 basic tile(s) to Green.

The Punisher (Dark Reign)

His family lost to criminal violence, Frank Castle became obsessed with vengeance. As the Punshier he is the ultimate any-means-necessary vigilante, single mindedly hunting down villians and enacting revenge.

Advanced military training and an arsenal of deadly weapons make the Punisher ruthlessly effective.

Gem Focus: Black, Green, Red

Level Cap: 141


Molotov Cocktail - Cost: 7 Black AP - The Punisher lobs a bottle of liquid mayhem. Damages the enemy team for 71 and creates a Red Countdown tile that spreads fire every 3 turns, converting a random basic color tile to a 7 damage Attack tile.Judgement - Cost: 8 Green AP - The Punisher unloads his arsenal. Destroys a 3x3 group of tiles, doing damage but not generating AP. Chaos creates an opening, converting a basic color tile to a strength 12 Strike tile.

Retribution - Cost: 8 Red AP - The Punisher draws his sidearm and finishes what he started. Damages the target for 118. If they are below 20% of their max health, he downs them.

Wolverine (Patch)

When the X-Men are presumed dead, Wolverine goes undercover, buying a stake in Princess Bar in the small island nation of Madripoor, hotbed of inequality and corruption. Without his teammates to cool his temper, his response to injustice is swift and harsh.

Gem Focus: Green, Red, Yellow

Level Cap: 141


Berserker Rage - Cost: 9 Green AP - Deals 237 damage to the current target and creates 2 Strike tiles for each team (Green for allies, Purple for enemies)

Best There Is - Cost: 14 Red AP - Wolverine deals 16 damage for each tile on the board that bears his icon.

Healing Factor - Cost: 0 Yellow AP - (PASSIVE) Every turn there are 12 or more Yellow tiles, Wolverine's healing factor restores 59 health.


Invisible Woman (Classic)

A founding member of The Fantastic Four, Sue Richards is a true leader and fiercely loyal to those she cares about. The magnitude of Invisible Woman's psionic power is legendary.

Gem Focus: Yellow, Blue, Green

Level cap: 230


Grant Invisibility - Cost: 18 Yellow AP - The Invisible Woman hides the weakest member of the team. Converts a random basic Yellow tile into an Invisibility tile. While it's on the board, the invisible character can't be targeted.

Force Bubbles - Cost: 13 Blue AP - Susan focuses her power to lock the enemy down and save the team. Locks 2 chosen tiles in Force Bubbles before creating a Blue Protect tile with a strength of 42.

Force Field Crush - Cost: 9 Green AP - Invisible Woman shatters a 3x3 area around 1 random Force Bubble, dealing 42 damage and unlocking but not destroying it. If there are no Force Bubbles on the board, she creates 1 in a random location. This ability ends the turn.

Nick Fury (Director of S.H.I.E.L.D)

Nick Fury, Jr. followed in his father's footsteps to become Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Raised Marcus Johnson, he inherited the benefits of the Infinity Formula, slowing his aging and accelerating his healing.

Director Fury is a worthy combatant due to his military training and relentlessly physical conditioning. What makes him truly formidable is his executive access to the technology, operatives, intelligence, and affiliations of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Gem Focus: Yellow, Blue, Purple

Level Cap: 230


Avengers Assemble! - Cost: 12 Yellow AP - With the world in peril, Director Fury summons Earth's mightiest heroes. The Sentinel of Liberty, Captain America, is first on the scene.

Demolition - Cost: 10 Blue AP - Fury directs his agents to set traps at reported enemy locations. Creates 2 trap tiles that, when matched by the enemy, detonate in unison dealing 384 damage each (but not generating AP). If you match a trap it detonates dealing 174 damage. Enemies cannot see the trap.

Escape Plan - Cost: 12 Purple AP - Enemy intel stolen, Nick Fury leads his team to safety. Deals 210 damage and creates a 3 turn Countdown tile that when activated steals 3 AP from the enemy's strongest color before converting to a strength 42 strike tile.

Wolverine (X-Force)

X-Force does what needs doing to protect mutantkind when no one else will. Master hunter Wolverine leads the X-Men's secret assassination squad.

Gem Focus: Green, Red, Yellow

Level Cap: 230


X-Force - Cost: 15 Green AP - Wolverine shreds, creating a 3x3 X-shaped pattern of Strike tiles centered on the selected tile's location. Only transforms basic color tiles.

Enraged Slash - Cost: 15 Red AP - Wolverine slashes the enemy, dealing 420 to the current target and shredding the selected tile's row. Does not generate AP.

Recovery - Cost: 10 Yellow AP - Wolverine starts the process of regeneration. Creates a 5 turn Countdown tile that heals 420 damage, and another 42 for every yellow AP.


Captain America (Steve Rogers)

Once again Steve Rogers dons the stars and stripes, prepared to fight those that would subvert liberty and freedom.

To combat evil, Captain America has re-equipped with a shield made of pure energy. Villains are about to find out that an avenging Super Soldier is bad news for business.

Gem Focus: Yellow, Red, Blue

Level Cap: 141


Sentinel of Liberty - Cost: 19 Yellow AP - Captain America courageously rushes to protect the team's flank. Transforms 3 basic chosen tiles into yellow protect tiles, each with a strength of 24.

Star-Spangled Banner - Cost: 11 Red AP - The Captain hurls his trusty shield into battle. Hits the target for 95 damage and transforms a chosen basic tile into a 3 turn Countdown tile that returns 8 Red AP.

Peacemaker - Cost: 12 Blue AP - Captain America gallantly launches his shield at the enemy. Stuns the target for 2 turns and transforms a chosen basic tile into a 3 turn Countdown tile that returns 8 Blue AP.

Thor (Modern)

Wielding the might of Mjolnir and the power of the storm, few can survive the righteous fury of the Son of Odin.

Gem Focus: Red, Yellow, Green

Max Level: 141


Mjolnir's Might - Cost: 8 Red AP - Thor brings his hammer down on the enemy, dealing 83 damage. The magical energies of his hammer begin to charge his next strike, adding 3 Yellow tiles to the board.

Thunder Strike - Cost: 12 Yellow AP - A lightning bolt pierces the sky and rips into the target, dealing 154 damage. A storm is brewing; 4 Green tiles are added to the board.

Call The Storm - Cost: 14 Green AP - Thor summons a violent storm to smite the enemy. The rage of the heavens rains down on the battlefield, dealing 237 damage to the target and 118 damage to other enemies.


For the characters with three powers, it is not possible to max out all the skills. You'll have to choose what to max out based on your play style. In some cases like Venom, you may choose to not max out his Purple Power as the max rank adds 3 Black AP to the cost.

Certain environments play a major role in choosing the team. There are five environments--Training Room, Forest, City, Castle, and Desert--each with environment tiles that benefit the player in a certain way.

Activating the environment tiles ability in the Desert changes random gems to green gems. This usually triggers multiple green matches which feeds into Storm (Modern)'s Lightning Strike power. Her green power can quickly fill up the other power bars. Storm's red ability is a great way to grab all the environment tiles on the board. Alternating using the Red and Green ability on Storm in a Desert environment can "stun-lock" the other team. I like to fill out the team with Black Widow (Original) for her blue healing power and Thor (Marvel NOW!) to absorb the hits in the early game before Storm can get into the cycle.

Winning matches can occasionally reward you with boosts to use in other matches. The boost cap is 30, so use them. The drops are so common that hoarding them is pointless. (You know who you are. *cough*FinalFantasyPlayers*cough*)

There are many possible team synergies. Magneto (Marvel NOW!)'s Polarity Shift feeds into Storm (Classic)'s Wind Storm which at high levels can wipe out most teams. The Hood (Classic)'s Intimidation power can make all of Hawkeye (Modern)'s time-release powers instant. Even Spider-Man (Bag-Man) can...wait, no, he's useless.

There is also the fallback method of grind, grind, grind.

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