Unable to Install to 360

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#1 Posted by TomyDingo (203 posts) -

Picked this up from Gamestop for $5 but I am unable to install it to the harddrive on my 360. During TNT Ryan mentioned he was unable to install too, but I was looking at other forums and people ARE able to install. Perhaps it's because it's an old disc and unable to read correctly or is it because it's an old game?

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#2 Posted by Svenzon (935 posts) -

I vaguely remember installing it when they first introduced the option. Unfortunately I don't have the game anymore, so I can't verify it.

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#3 Posted by Demoskinos (17325 posts) -

From what I heard and this is weird.... but someone on my friends list told me this.... you can't be connected to XBL when installing MUA.

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#4 Posted by TomyDingo (203 posts) -

@Demoskinos said:

you can't be connected to XBL when installing MUA.

Wow, that totally worked! Thank you!

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#5 Posted by razkazz (182 posts) -

Ah man, I picked it up a few months ago and thought my disc was just messed up. Good to know if I get into it again.

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#6 Posted by ShaggE (8396 posts) -

Did anybody else find that all their old saves are corrupted? I popped it in after the TNT, as I'm sure many did, and I had to start from the top (which I was planning anyway, but it sucks that everything I unlocked is gone). This is the only game that I've had this happen with, other than Ninja Gaiden Black, but that's a known issue.

Incidentally, I forgot that it tracks which loading screens you've seen. That's hilarious. God, I love MUA.

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