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    Marvel Ultimate Alliance

    Game » consists of 25 releases. Released Oct 24, 2006

    Take control of some of the most iconic superheroes of the Marvel Universe in this squad-based RPG. Form a well known group such as the Fantastic Four or create your own custom group of heroes to battle Dr. Doom and the Masters of Evil.

    dimitris's Marvel Ultimate Alliance (Special Edition) (PlayStation 2) review

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    Marvel Ultimate Alliance is the best Marvel game out there.

    Marvel has been coming out with good games in the past 20 years but Marvel Ultimate Alliance is by far the best one.
    The whole story of the game is that Dr. Doom has risen in power and is unstoppable. He has created a group of badguys. (I forgot what the group is called) It is your job to stop them.
    In the game you can choose over 20 characters. In each mission you can choose a team of four or you can go with three, two or even one character. You got your main characters in there, you have spidey, wolverine, captain america, thor, iron man, the fantastic four, some other x-men characters and more! There about 5 unlockable characters which you have to unlock during you play the game.
    The game has 5 acts and the first three acts have about 4 missions per act and then they get shorter in act 4 and 5. Don't worry the missions are long so you will enjoy the game and you won't be dissapointed on the length of the game. To beat the game it will take about 17 hours, but if you want to find all the comic simulators, concept art, upgrades and level up all the characters it will take more than 40 hours.
    The comic simulators are discs you find inside the game. If you collect you can do i challenge of a character. Each disc has a character name. Let's say we get the comic simulator of wolverine you unlock a comic book cover of wolverine. Concept art are load screens you find in the game. You can find striking, defensive and focus upgrades that makes you character stronger. You can also get skill points.
    The graphics are ok. Sometimes you will notice that some characters are made really fat. The graphics in the game are ok . i mean when you play the game you won't say wow you will be a little dissapointed with the graphics. There are some graphic gliches at some of the game which just look terrible. I have to say the cinematics in the game are beautiful they are the best looking cinematics i have ever seen.
    The sound is perfect. When i mean perfect i mean perfect. Each level has its unique awesome piece of music and if you do an attack it sound beautiful.
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance is a game everyone should play because it is the best marvel game out there.

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