Marvel fight pad

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Interested in it? I've made a quick ustream about the controller. I'll be streaming for the next little bit about my use of the controller. I only ever really played fighters on my Sega Genesis years ago, and when I use my stick I just mash, which works okay in single player (...or in arcade/against a live person at the cabinet, who probably hasn't played much) but not when it comes down to really being any good.

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Is it any different than their SFIV TE Stick? I've purchased a Hori HRAP V3 SA for Marvel vs. Capcom, and I really love the body design more than anything Madcatz has produced. 

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Yep, it's a fight pad. A micro switch thumb stick, and a Sega genesis like body. Six buttons and two shoulder buttons. I think holding a controller, personally makes me less mashey than when I use my SFIV stick. If you've got a stick like that, then this probably isn't for you, sir.

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I picked up the fight pad off of someone on ebay.  Overall I think it is pretty decent for fighting games.  It is a vast improvement over using an original Xbox 360 controller, and a good option if you don't want to pay more money for a fight stick, or give up the real estate needed to store such a behemoth.

It is very lightweight, and easy to use by only holding the left side because of the weight mentioned.  The micro-switch thumb stick is very clicky, probably due to the micro switches.  The underside of the controller has a nice soft rubber feel, which will prevent you from accidentally losing the controller in a button mashing combo fit.  Start/select are kind of awkward, but they are rarely used so it isn't a concern of mine.

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