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    Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Sep 19, 2017

    The seventh installment of the long-running Marvel vs. Capcom series bring a cinematic twist to the formula (where a merger of two robotic super-villains and some of the Infinity Stones causes Marvel and Capcom universes to converge into one).

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    Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is a 2.5D tag-team fighting game developed and published by Capcom for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC (digitally) on September 19, 2017.

    The seventh installment of the Marvel vs. Capcom crossover series (and sequel to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3), Infinite returns to the series's traditional 2-on-2 style. It also features a new semi-realistic art style, cinematic story mode, freeform tag system (to replace traditional "assist attacks'), simplified mechanics (including optional auto-combos), and a unique "Infinity Stone" system (where players choose one of six special color-coded gems prior to the start of the match, each with their own unique ability). It is also the first game in the series to not include any characters from the X-Men series (due to legal disputes).

    The game's story involves a sudden convergence between the Marvel universe and numerous Capcom universes, which is caused by the robotic Ultron Sigma: a merged form of Ultron (a nemesis of the Avengers) and Sigma (the arch-enemy of Mega Man X and Zero). With a new form of the Sigma Virus infecting the merged world (due to his use of two of the Infinity Stones), it's up to a new team of heroes to find the remaining Infinity Stones and stop Ultron Sigma.


    The game plays similar to its predecessors. Unlike the previous two games (which utilizes three generic attack buttons of different strength, a special attack button, and two assist buttons), the game's control scheme uses a traditional 4+2 layout similar to Marvel vs. Capcom 2: two Punch buttons of different strength, two Kick buttons of different strength, and two specialized buttons (one for the "Active Switch" mechanic and one for the "Infinity Surge" mechanic).

    Along with the traditional Super Meter, the game also introduces an Infinity Gauge used for the Infinity Stone system.

    In addition to the standard Arcade, Versus, and Training modes, the game includes a dedicated Story Mode, a Mission Mode (for tutorials and character challenges), and an online Lobby system.

    Tag System

    Arthur tags in Doctor Strange
    Arthur tags in Doctor Strange

    Taking cues from Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Street Fighter X Tekken, players of MvCI have the option to tag characters in a wide variety of situations. Not only can a character in MvCI be tagged in a neutral situation, teams with be able to tag cancel their special moves and even super moves in order to create offensive pressure, extend combo, and maximize damage.

    Additionally, players have access to the Counter Switch mechanic where, for the cost of two meters, they can tag a character while their other character is being hit, in an attempt to disrupt the opponent's combo or even capitalize on an opening to start a combo of their own.

    Infinity Stones

    Hulk activates the Power Stone
    Hulk activates the Power Stone

    By selecting one of six color-coded Infinity Stones in addition to their two characters, players have access to two unique abilities: the "Infinity Surge" and the "Infinity Storm".

    The basic function of each Stone is its basic Infinity Surge, which can be activated at any time by pressing the Infinity Surge button. This can range from a powerful attack that causes those hit by it to bounce against a wall (the Power Stone) to a teleporting dash that phases through projectiles (the Time Stone).

    By using Infinity Surges and taking damage, players build up the Infinity Gauge, which can be used to activate a special Infinity Storm boost (by pressing both Infinity Surge and Active Switch buttons). Each Stone gives a unique effect when in this state, which drains over time. Infinity Storms can only be activated when the player's Infinity Meter is at least half-full and can be used to cancel out of certain animations (such as an attack recover or block).

    Mind Stone

    • At any time, players can active the Mind Stone to perform a special throw on the opponent that leaves them open to a full combo
    • By activating their Infinity Storm, players can enter a special state their their Hyper Meter continuously refills

    Power Stone

    • At any time, players can activate the Power Stone to perform an attack with wallbounce properties
    • By activating their Infinity Storm, players can enter a special state where all of their attacks do increased damage and extended hitstun, and many attacks also gain new wallbounce and groundbounce properties

    Reality Stone

    • At any time, players can activate the Reality Stone to conjure a slow-moving orb of energy that tracks the opponent
    • By activating their Infinity Storm, players gain control of the elements, summoning fire, ice, lightning and wind from off-screen to attack their opponent

    Soul Stone

    • At any time, players can activate the Soul Stone to perform a long-range, life-stealing attack
    • By activating their Infinity Storm, players can revive a fallen character and fight with both of their characters active on screen at the same time.

    Space Stone

    • At any time, players can activate the Space Stone to trigger a gravity effect that draws their opponent closer
    • By activating their Infinity Storm, players can trap their opponent in a dimensional prism, effectively restricting the opponent's movement to an area about 1/4 the size of the screen

    Time Stone

    • At any time, players can activate the Time Stone to perform a teleporting dash maneuver that passes through opponents and projectiles
    • By activating their Infinity Storm, players can enter a special state where they have unlimited access to the stone's special teleport dash, and relaxed limitations on their chain combo capabilities

    Increased Accessibility

    Iron Man performs a Hyper Combo
    Iron Man performs a Hyper Combo

    In an effort to make the game a less intimidating prospect to newcomers, Capcom introduced a few new changes and features to the series in order to make the game more accessible:

    • Most special move inputs have been simplified to use either the "Quarter Circle" motion (either Down, Down-Forward, Forward or Down, Down-Back, Back) or the new "Dragon Punch" motion (which is now tapping Down twice). Some moves still require a "charge" input, while some still require a "Half Circle" motion.
    • Players can activate one of their character's level 1 Hyper Combos by pressing HP+HK. This is optional and can be disabled.
    • Players can perform auto-combos, which automatically cycle through a series of escalating attacks, by repeatedly tapping LP. This is optional and can be disabled.


    The game includes 30 playable characters (36 with all DLC unlocked).



    Unplayable Opponents

    • B.O.W.
    • Ultron Drone
    • Xgardian
    • Ultron Sigma (sub-boss, has a unique "Ultron Omega" form as the final boss)

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