They released 20 minutes of gameplay

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I kinda...dunno? There's a fluidity and speed to the better movie action sequences that just isn't represented here. It's all colorful enough, which is nice, I guess, but this all looks like it would've been better if they had focused on one or two characters instead of trying to make them all playable.

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It looks . . . just OK? The combat kind of looks like the character choice is really more cosmetic. I'm not getting the sense that they play that all differently beyond having different supers.

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I also dunno. Visually it looks...okay in spots? The game play here seems painfully generic. I just don't see how something like this does anything compelling with the fiction and isn't just a shameless Avengers cash-in. The voice acting seems fine but what is up with some of this dialogue. This is the kind of banter you'd see in promotional comics that come free with your pizza.

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Everything about this looks incredibly mediocre. I'm getting the same vibes I got from the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order demo, which is to say that it looks like a game that fell out of 2012 with improved graphics. Scripted to death, with excessive fodder enemies. I understand it can be difficult to design compelling gameplay around a god and a nuclearly roided out scientist, but as it is now, it just looks silly to see Thor having to wallop a grunt 5 times. They also seem to be attempting to emulate the clever quips that pervade the Marvel movies, but all of the dialogue falls flat for me. Maybe once the press sees more of it we'll find out that there is more compelling content, as was the case with Star Wars, but as it stands, I don't have high hopes for this game.

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Does Captain America have a Canadian accent? If so that's really funny to me.
Gameplay wise it's like a high budget Lego game, and i haven't been a fan of animation in Crystal Dynamics games since TR: Underworld.
I feel like they've spent a lot of time on graphics, which have ended up looking... fine? If that was less of a focus gameplay and content could have received more attention.
We'll see, early impressions, but from the moment they first showed it, or attempted to show it unsuccessfully, i got the impression they were struggling.

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It feels a lot like other stuff that tries and emulate the MCU to me. The Avengers Assemble cartoon, Marvel VS Capcom Infinite, that stage show they put on some years ago - It's the quipping, stylistic design, characters and surface-level style of the movies, but with nowhere near the same quality of product. Not the level of actors, not the level of writing, nothing. It just feels like a bland wannabe of the movies to me.

This quipping is terrible, everyone's laying out as much of their personality and history as possible in like two lines, that it feels like the writer took straight from the cliff notes version of their bios. "From one ex-Shield agent to another", indeed. You're lucky that Thor is Mighty.

Even in terms of only big, current AAA Sony video game cinematics, not considering gameplay, what they've shown just isn't as impressive as say, the new God of War or Devil May Cry, or even Marvel's Spider-Man. Like look at that intro of Nero flipping through the air in slomo nailing demon bugs again and tell me this gameplay demo looked any better. There's more happening, a lot of stuff goes down at that bridge, but it doesn't bring the hype at all compared to running that God of War boss through a mountain. Just some good music might help. I've already forgotten what music was in the trailer. I won't ever forget the devil triggersong. The initial footage was released during the same onference as FF7 had its big trailer, and there's a reason that one had people super hyped and this one did not. FF7 looks like a quality action rpg no matter what your history with the franchise is. And this doesn't look like much at all.

Or compare it to the movies. Nothing here is as engaging as Captain America kicking dudes' asses in that elevator, the Avengers gathering up for the various group shots, that big action setpiece with all of them at the start of Age of Ultron, etc etc. None of the jokes landed. And the big "The Avengers have broken up now" stuff falls short 'cause we've spent all of five minutes in this universe with them as a team before they separated, lol.

And then on the gameplay end, it just looks like a watered-down brawler with a bunch of QTEs of pretty unimpressive stunts. Spidey wasn't all that deep either, but you had that unique webswinging traversal mechanic you could move effortlessly in and out of that helped a lot to set it apart from similar titles. What's the extra thing here - loot and equipment? That super dull thing everyone adds these days, regardless if it makes the game more fun or not? Co-oping seems like a fun idea at least, that's an old brawler standby that kinda died after most of these went from beat 'em ups to character action.

I dunno man, I hope some more promo material can change my mind, but I was on a Marvel high after Endgame. This still fell completely flat for me. While the game will hopefully improve before release, it's hard for me to imagine a final product where they've changed all their character designs, combat design, dialogue, cinematics direction and voice acting.

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The most damning thing I can say about this footage is that it looks like something that would've been exciting five years ago. Beyond the broader problem of me just being sort of Marvel'd out these days, there's nothing about it that doesn't look like it's been done better in a dozen other big cinematic AAA games from this console generation.

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It's not fair (to Crystal Dynamics) but i'm sad that Deus Ex died for this.

(I know Eidos Montreal made those but they took Tomb Raider's mantle because of this)

Anyway, it looks like one of those lego games and will probably sell very well.

(also please dont @me with 'Deus Ex died with X entry' etc. I liked them all...)

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Not crazy about the voice acting choices and I still can't get over those faces. Why bother making them kinda look like the actors of the MCU when it's gonna be so off-putting to fans? They should've went the Spider-man route and modeled them on someone new.

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Man, I don't know about this. Technically it looks fine, but the art direction is so uninspired. I'm much more concerned about how it plays, though, because nothing they showed looked fresh or interesting. I'm hoping that's just because it's a tutorial level and the actual game will be much meatier.

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Looks like shit

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Looks like it will be a fun game to run through, with a lot of on rails stuff it seems.

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I watched on my phone, which will hide some sins, but I thought it looked good. I’ll have to rewatch on something bigger.

Is this footage the tutorial section folks talked about? It seems like it. I think the combat parts look like they could be interesting given meatier scenarios. I couldn’t imagine the combat in the tutorial being all that intense.

I’ll hold judgement and say that it looks better than what I expected. It’d be cool for this to be cool.

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It really just looks like a game getting by on a huge, undeserved budget. It looks creatively bankrupt, clearly trying desperately to emulate aspects of God of War, DMC5 and Insomnia's Spider-Man. The Mjolnir gameplay from Thor in particular is like a shitty version of Leviathan, so incredibly slow and predictable. At least 4 or 5 of the shield animations for Cap just look like they were ripped straight out of GoW as well, but lack any of the impact.

The characterizations of these heroes is so very obviously trying to hearken to the MCU versions, but missing the mark so bad. The only ones that seem decent are Black Widow and maybe Bruce, but the rest seem really rote.

Tony in-particular should not be making the same exact wise cracks as Nathan Drake. Tony cracks wise many times, sure, but shit like "I was hoping there'd be funnel cake" and "which one you B-movie stars shot at me" is so bad.

This seems exactly like what everyone thought it would be, which is unfortunate. Swapping back and forth between these characters that are not mechanically complex or interesting enough to stand on their own feels bad. They really seem to have spread themselves thin, and are banking on cinematic flair and story to back it up, but all this has been done in the MCU extremely well, and very recently.

Compare the story and characters from Civil War, Infinity War and Endgame to this and it just doesn't stack up. So what you end up with is a bland story & characters, and simple, rote gameplay interrupted constantly by cutscenes. What a shame.

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The Avengers not having the faces and voices of the MCU actors may be a bigger hurdle for me to get over than I thought it would be. They just look and sound wrong. To be fair, trying to be these characters after years of the MCU turning the actors into icons is not a job a would've wanted to tackle.

Other than that I think it looks fun!

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@bane: I think it's an uncanny valley sort of thing. They're leaning heavily on the MCU presentation and appearance of the heroes, so it really stands out when the faces and voices aren't what you've come to expect from the past decade of movies.

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As of right now I'm not too impressed with the gameplay. I really want to see what other characters it will have. Hoping for some Dr. Strange and Scarlet Witch.

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The combat impressed me more than I think it does most in these comments. Granted I was under the impression that was just the intro to these characters style of combat encounters, and that as the brief teaser showed you'd probably be getting meatier chunks with each of them throughout the game. There absolutely appeared to be some sort of set abilities/upgrade path so you have to figure there would be enough meat to sustain something there.

I also think I'm okay with the decision for it to be more of a linear campaign based game with some on the rails/cutscene style combat presumably at key story points in missions. I guess it's more, I'm glad this isn't just another open world game? I don't know I am so tired of the "this is our take on the current open world genre" that is literally every other game that comes out this generation. While perhaps something like that may ultimately make for a better solo outing for any of these heroes, a team up more linear story based thing with co op side missions/other modes and some sort of persistent hero leveling all sounds fine to me. Again provided there is enough meat there gameplay wise with each character, it doesn't have to be overly elaborate but if they can justify the campaign and each hero has enough to them it could very much be fun to play as a MP thing.

Still a wait and see though at this stage, have to really know how it all comes together. There are strong elements in there though visually and mechanically, that I think could make me overlook the uncanny valley aspect to it's relation with the MCU. Especially since I think that's a very talented voice cast, who once we see what they are trying to tell and exactly how the dialogue is across the board and not just from a 20 minute blip, then we can judge if they took the time to make them their own.

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#19 Posted by Nodima (2655 posts) -

It feels...flat to me, but bits of it look fun, mainly Captain America's gameplay and I suppose Hulk appears capable of a proper smash. Somebody else said in this thread that the game looks five years too late, and it really does give off the feel of a game that, were it not so blatantly leaning into certain mechanics from God of War (Thor's hammer, the brief stop-motion effect on Cap's melees), I feel like I could reasonably convince a non-gamer that it was a demo of a shelved game from the end of the PS3 era meant to release alongside the first Avengers team-up movie.

But based on what I've read about the actual game, it's really hard to judge what it'll be based on this clip, either. Per Game Informer:

Crystal Dynamics tells me the rest of the missions are more expansive, feature more difficult enemies and have fewer quick-time events. When you're ready to jump into action, you use the War Table to choose from two types of missions: Hero and Warzone. Hero missions are single-player, narrative-driven stages. These put you in the shoes of a specific member of the Avengers as you advance the story of the campaign. On the other hand, Warzone missions can be played single-player or co-op online with up to four players total. Because these are typically more open, you can choose any hero. Playing either mission type unlocks new content, and grants you gear drops to equip on your character.

It really sounds like they're making Marvel's Destiny as much as Marvel's Avengers, or at least that's a significant portion of their design doc. Which means there's a chance that what we see in the tutorial is as basic as the game could possibly get, but Crystal Dynamics have certainly bitten off a lot compared to their past games if that's the case as well. This game still has me fairly interested in it, and I'm probably sold at this point just off the morbid curiosity of whether the game's a flop or not which is all Marvel really cares about, I'm sure. This video leaves a lot to be desired coming on the heels of Spider-Man, though.

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#20 Posted by Redhotchilimist (2977 posts) -

It might have been a smart idea to do this movie style and start with single good games for these heroes before jumping into the all-star crossover team. The only one they did it for was Spidey, and he's not even in here( yet, anyway).

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I am really struggling to get excited for this... ever since the first showing at E3, which watching it again is totally just a trailer cut together from all this cinematic and gameplay footage. Makes me wonder why they didn't show this gameplay there? (maybe they did but I don't remember seeing it during the Square press conference) Its possible people may have been more positive about the product overall, at least at that stage?

I agree with what others are saying about the looks and voices of the characters. I feel like they either needed to make them more similar to the movies (yes I know that would make things very expensive if they could pull all the actual actors together) or make them look more different. Its weird, I love Nolan North as a voice actor. I don't usually mind when he just does the "Nolan North Voice" but for some reason it feels really off with Iron Man. I think its because I am so used to hearing him as Deadpool instead.

I haven't really had this issue with other Marvel games before though, I got over it very quickly in the PS4 Spider-Man game and played a tonne of Marvel Heroes before it was shut down and having different looking and sounding characters to what I was used to in the movies never bothered me.

Also the constant quipping and references seemed really forced. Again reminding you of, at least from what has been shown so far, the far superior writing and versions of the characters from the movies. Making this feel more like a classic licensed, cash-in game. This game seems to have much better production values than those obviously, but I can't shake the feeling.

The gameplay seems unoriginal, not that I expect them to reinvent the wheel but it kind of adds to the overall lackluster showing the game has had so far. It also feels really old school to see quick time events in there. Reading the details from Game Informer in the comment above makes it seem like they are toned down later in the game and this stuff is just for the tutorial level, which seems to be the right choice. In fact that one paragraph has told me more about the game than the initial trailer and this follow up gameplay trailer have. For some reason I thought coming out of E3 was that this was a MMOish/Destinyesque type game. Seems more like a single player game that has some missions you can play co-op. Have they said how they are going to handle if multiple people want to use the same character or they aren't worried about it?

It really feels like this game would have made more sense if it came out around the time of the first Avengers movie or maybe Age of Ultron at the latest. In a post Endgame world its disappointing to go back to having just 5 of the Avengers, so far, to play around with (well 4 if you believe that Cap is actually dead).

In theory this is a game I have been excited about for many years. Finally a proper big budget Marvel game with a great developer at the helm. The PS4 Spider-Man was a very pleasent surprise but I have never really been a big Spidey fan. Hopefully closer to release they will show more that gets me excited but so far the story and characters seem really bland. The combat seems to be fine but its not enough to get me to buy... yet.

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They got some real Gear of War ass 2006 Chonky bodies going on. This is a testament to how important a director is when recording dialogue. Most of the deliveries are flat and emotionless.

That said it might be fun. Not full price fun, but heavily discounted fun.

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#23 Posted by JayDubya (223 posts) -

This is very disappointing. The voice cast is distractingly familiar (Laura Bailey, Troy Baker and Nolan North) and the writing is terrible. No one speaks like that!
The action scenes are not as good as those in the movies and with very little control in movement and play mechanics.
It feels loud and shallow.
I would prefer a more down to earth arc with a smaller (and more human) cast and a smaller scale.
I'm afraid this is for 12-year-old boys and not for me, someone looking for character development and interesting gameplay.

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