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#1 Edited by glots (4256 posts) -

A bit surprised to not see a single topic for Spider-Man yet! Or maybe there has been some, just not on this specific sub-forum.

Anyway, we're only a week away from release!

I have never had any special love for Spider-Man, despite liking the animated show from the 90's and the first two Raimi movies, two especially. But I have liked just about everything that Insomniac Games has put out and all the videos so far have been pretty promising. The E3 trailer from 2017(?) did have that QTE heavy-section in it, but if that's only reserved for some few set-piece moments, then it's not really an issue.

Swinging around the city has looked better and better with just about every video so far and if they can nail that perfectly, it can probably make up for a lot of smaller things that aren't so amazing.

Also their photo mode looks pretty great.

Counting down days for friday...and tuesday, since that's when the review embargo gets lifted.

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#2 Posted by TheHT (15797 posts) -

I'm extremely ready for another open-world non-movie-tie-in Spider-Man game. Web of Shadows was my go-to podcast game for years. By "years" I mean like the first half a decade of Bombcasts and then some. Before that I remember having a lot of fun with Ultimate Spider-Man.

Sadly, I never got to play the PS2 Spider-Man 2 that everyone remembers fondly. I got the PC version at the time in the hopes that it'd be the same. It's not. It's very very not the same.

And yeah that photo mode looks real silly and great lol.

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#3 Posted by SirPsychoSexy (1628 posts) -

Okay that photo mode comic book cover stuff looks incredible.

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#4 Posted by JJWeatherman (15096 posts) -

Yeah, I'm really looking forward to it. I've read some real positive preview articles already, so hopefully the reviews will continue that trend. It's nice that the review embargo is a few days prior to release.

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#5 Posted by SethMode (1888 posts) -

I still hate the suit, but whatever, that's such a minor thing to me. What I have seen of the game looks so good. Outside of the puddles of course. The greatest travesty in the history of games.

Kidding aside, I'm super excited. I just reapply hope that there is a half decent story

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#6 Edited by mems1224 (2497 posts) -

I'm probably gonna wait for a sale. Nothing they've shown has gotten me all that excited and I love Spiderman. With Shadow of the Tomb raider this month and AC Odyssey/RDR2 next month I'm not gonna have much time to play it.

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#7 Posted by n00bs7ay3r (317 posts) -

I really like me some Spiderman and this looks like it will be a decent game. I probably won't buy it until it drops in price though unless upon release I see it as something worth the full price purchase.

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#8 Posted by bluntmcgee (24 posts) -

I dislike Spider-Man and most of the Marvel movies, I soured on the Batman: Arkham-Style Combat ever since Shadow of War and I have never liked a game Insomniac has put out.

BUT: I liked swinging around in the PS2 Spider-Man game and their trailers so far just look expensive. So I don't know what to think about this game. I really want to like it. Between this, Dragon Quest XI and the new Tomb Raider, this should be the game that suits my taste the most. But something about it just doesn't grab me (so far). I hope I can be conviced when it comes out.

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#9 Edited by Redhotchilimist (2947 posts) -

Over in another thread about games you're playing/looking forward to, I posted this:

Not gonna be long now until I get to Spider-Man. I have a lot of reservations about it, like a lot of character redesigns that are unrecognizable or bad, and a couple of boss fights that aren't exactly the pinnacle of any action games, a shame in a game with supervillains like it was back in Arkham Asylum. I think the arkham combat system is just bad man, it's too specific a system that only works for crowds of mooks, and crowds of mooks don't need a system made only for them. It's not a problem that needs solving, it just makes it look more "cinematic" and it means every boss fight becomes some gimmicked scripted thing 'cause it's not a combat system made for duels with single targets. I don't think this game adding stage interactables like it's Injustice is gonna solve that issue.

But at the end of the day, it's a great-looking Spider-Man game made by a competent developer that at least looks like it got the swinging right. It seems very polished and thought out, I'm more worried about their design decisions and a lack of depth than I am about it being directly bad. As a big Spider-Man fan I gotta get in on this and see for myself how good it is. The swinging looks really nice. If it's a good game I might actually get myself a competent Spider-Man game franchise.

So let me expand on that. My fear with this combat system is that it's going to be way too much like Arkham's. Sneak around and do stealth kills, and when discovered, engage in a game of ping-ponging around enemies with one-button mashy combos until I have to counter or press a finishing move to knock out an enemy, only broken up with some gadgets and environmental stuff. That system in itself is way too shallow and automatic for me, it just gets boring, but the real problem is when we get to the boss fights. Y'all remember that one fight Arkham Asylum used like five times? Where a big dude runs back and forth, and you beat him by throwing a batarang at him and jumping away, at which point he runs into a wall and you can do a contextual attack on him? That's what I'm afraid they're gonna do with Rhino in this game. They've shown Shocker, who's a side mission boss. And his whole fight is just dodging(very easily) his shockwaves until you can stun him with a piece of a pillar he attacked and then do a combo on him.

Loading Video...

If that's the level of boss fights this game has to offer, then we're in for some bummer fights, and I wish it wasn't so. It's the biggest weakness the Arkham games had, and it's now a decade later. Please be better. You've got the most iconic supervillains of all time, save for Batman's, to work with here.

As for character redesigns, I'm just not very hot on the ones they've shown. The one who looks most like himself is Miles, 'cause both his original character design and this is the most generic black dude. As for the rest, Osborn and aunt May just look like old white people and don't really have any similarities beyond that to their original looks. Mary Jane has reddish hair, but that's about where the resemblance stops, and she seems to have taken on Peter's photography gig for some reason? Every villain shown so far besides Mr. Negative is covered in robot armor, and while that might be justified with a tech upgrade from someone(Octopus? Smythe? Osborn?), it leads to all of them having that Neatherrealm Injustice look. Even characters who really don't need it, like Rhino. Peter himself has a face I just think looks bad, and his new costume looks plain bad to me but can easily by swapped out so whatever. It's just weird man, I don't get the point of adapting something The Right Way for the first time with a big budget and then instantly going for character designs that don't just not look like the old characters, but are actively more generic and uncool.

I think making their own universe is the right idea, but I don't think, from their promotional material, that I'm on board with all of their ideas for it. Miles is my personal biggest red flag - I know the dude's a popular character, but if they go for a team of multiple Spider-Men at some point, me and the devs just fundamentally disagree about what's cool about Spider-Man. The extended Spider-Family is just of no interest to me, and Miles in particular had a hell of a dull comic. If they bring out Silk or Scarlet Spider or something it's not exactly gonna light my enthusiasm on fire.

Anyway, that's my one serious worry and my one fanboy nitpick worry. I don't wanna be Mr Negative myself, and I am looking forward to this game a lot. I'm just a big fan of Spider-Man and can be a bit anal about it if it looks like the devs are Doing It Wrong. Besides those two complaints I do think this game looks awesome from what they've shown, the work on display is just way more impressive than any Spider-Man game I've seen in the past. The city looks great. The webswinging in particular looks fantastic, doing stuff with Peter Parker's private life is pretty fresh, and basing a bunch of characters around more modern(read: Last ten years) of Dan Slott-written comics does invigorate the setting of Spider-Man a little. Mr Negative might be a decade old but that's practically new in comic book character terms.

Hope other characters and plotlines from his run get some screentime at some point, like Carlie Cooper or Anna Maria Marconi. His take on the Hobgoblins was very enjoyable too. It might be too much for a first game, but I'd love if a sequel based itself around the Superior Spider-Man arc. I like the gadgets they've shown, the science aspect of Peter Parker doesn't get very much play usually. I'm gonna blame than on the Dan Slott influence, too.

I'm almost certain it's gonna be a decent game, it seems way too lavishly made not to be. I just hope it's secretly great, too. Gonna purchase it day one and see for myself, just hope I'm not disappointed.

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#10 Posted by flatblack (128 posts) -

Gonna wait for the reviews to hit before spilling the cash but I'm hoping it's good. Also that electro boss fight looks...fine? Don't really see the problem there.

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#11 Posted by Marcsman (3823 posts) -

No hype here. It was down to this title or Dragon Quest XI

Spidey didn't make the cut...……………...

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#12 Posted by lead_dispencer (534 posts) -

I am excited very much. Between the recent marvel years and just looking for a way to kill time until rdr once the reviews drop, I’ll be picking this up. I’m just trying to stay away preorders as much as I can

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#13 Edited by TheHT (15797 posts) -

@redhotchilimist: Good points. Hopefully it's not too heavy on stealth. It'd be better if maybe instead of being able to take everyone out stealthily, it's more about setting up the arena for the actual fight. Then you dive in with an ambush and have all your little gadgets properly distributed and ready to use. 'Cause yeah, when I think Spider-Man I don't really think stealthy one-at-a-time guy.

Some of the character designs are meh. Peter, Mary, May, Miles, yeah, they all look pretty generic. None are quite as bad as Silver Sable. Good lord she looks bland as hell with that long coat and granny hair and matte silver everything. But I think some of the other villains look good. Kingpin, Shocker, Scorpion, Rhino, Mr. Negative (though I guess it's kinda hard to fuck up on Kingpin and Mr. Negative). Can't remember off the top of my head what Vulture and whoever else they've shown in that Raft cutscene looked like. Of course it's all gonna come down to personal taste, so, you know, it's all good I guess. I think the white on Spidey's suit looks stupid, but I've grown used to it by now, and it's fine. Compared to Silver Sable, good god, it's fine.

There's a Scarlet Spider costume, so maybe we don't get any actual Ben Reilly in this universe. I liked Scarlet Spider and Arachne and Spider Woman purely for their costumes (don't care about any other Spider-Folk), so if that's all we ever get from them in these games, I'm okay with that. Miles being in it though I think is good (hopefully they don't do what they did in USM to get him in a suit though). That way we can have an experienced Spidey story while also getting to tell the young Spidey story through Miles (cause of course he's gonna become a Spider-Man at some point).

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#14 Edited by Inresurrection (462 posts) -

Incredibly stoked. Been hanging out in the Spider-Man PS4 subreddit for the past little while - really passionate and friendly community.

@marcsman: Why do you even hang out here? Every single one of your comments are just ridiculously miserable.

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#15 Posted by stanek1 (176 posts) -

@redhotchilimist: Dan Slott sucks, I hope they keep all of his garbage out of the game. Although I do like the way they're using Mr.Negative.

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#16 Posted by Humanity (18589 posts) -

I’m about ready for another open world game with icons on a map. I like Spider-Man and I like Batman combat so I’m excited. I loved the original Tomb Raiser reboot, enjoyed the second game but not as much and not sure how excited I am for this third entry, so Spider-Man wins. Lord knows I’m ready for something that isn’t a run-based, pixel metroidvania rogue-lite Spelunky whatever.

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#17 Posted by ltcolumbo (139 posts) -

Zero excitement for this game and do not care about playing as Spider-Man, but I’m buying it because it’s and Insomniac game. I’m hoping to be delightfully surprised.

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#18 Posted by ConfusedOwl (1214 posts) -

Between this and Destiny Forsaken as well as school starting back up, next week is packed for me. Really wanted to get Dragon Quest as well but Spidey takes priority.

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#19 Posted by TheWildCard (693 posts) -

Not a big Spider-Man guy and wasn't terribly impressed with the first couple of reveals, but it has looked better more recently. It's looks like the kind of AAA title I'll get around to 9 months from now, gonna be tied up with Dragon Quest for the time being.

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#20 Posted by KingBonesaw (1359 posts) -

I’m excited enough for this game that I’m reading a prequel novel for a video game based off of a comic book. Book seems good so far.

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#21 Posted by csl316 (14946 posts) -

Incomniac's a solid studio that maintains quality gameplay design throughout their games. The stuff they showed at the big shows was super climactic and impressive, but I don't know what the other 90% will look like at all (I've generally skipped a lot prerelease footage).

If it plays well, has fun missions, and has a well-paced campaign, it'll be a fantastic game to lead into the holiday season. All I really plan on getting this year is this, Tomb Raider, Forza, and Battlefield (maybe Darksiders?) So this may turn out to be the most unique and memorable game out of my 2018 bunch.

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#22 Posted by BrunoTheThird (824 posts) -

I thought Sunset Overdrive was killer, and if they've even implemented half of that game's style, vibrancy, and imagination into Spider-Man, we're in for a good game at least; a brilliant fun park of mayhem at most.

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#24 Posted by dudeglove (13684 posts) -

I have a question. Maybe because my only exposure to this game has been through GB, but is this game going to completely bomb? I'm getting that sense that this game hasn't been shown off much or at all.

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#25 Edited by glots (4256 posts) -

@dudeglove said:

I have a question. Maybe because my only exposure to this game has been through GB, but is this game going to completely bomb? I'm getting that sense that this game hasn't been shown off much or at all.

As much as I love GB, it's not really the place from where I get most of my fresh gaming news.

The game showed well at E3 and there were a handful of positive previews from several sites around the beginning of august, iirc, and they've been dropping a new trailer showcasing the game almost every week since then. They've talked about it several times on Bombcast/Beastcast too, I believe. Pretty popular on Twitter too, even if some of that is horrible garbage like the "puddlegate".

Unless the reviews on tuesday reveal something terrible about this, I'll be amazed if it doesn't sell millions.

Oh, and these Greg Miller tweets.

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#26 Posted by n00bs7ay3r (317 posts) -

@dudeglove: No. This game is going to be hugely successful and will likely be in contention for many GOTY awards. Personally I don't really get the hype. I am sure it will be good but it doesn't look as amazing as some people seem to be making it out to be. Maybe it feels really good to play? But most people have not had their hands on it yet so that still wouldn't explain the hype.

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#27 Edited by JeremyF (338 posts) -

If one of the costumes in the game is Miller's Shirtless Spider-Man... GOTY.


Loading Video...

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#28 Posted by nicksmi56 (829 posts) -

I'm on the opposite side of pretty much everyone else in the gaming community on this game.

As a lifelong Spidey fanboy who's played more than his fair share of the Spidey games, I'm immensely disappointed in what I've seen so far. The combat is literally The Amazing Spider-Man's combat except prettier, the set pieces seem linear and automated as hell, the game seems way too cutscene happy (how do you have the Sinister Six in a shiny new PS4 Spidey game and have them be a freaking cutscene?? I wanna play as Spidey, not watch him!), and the game seems to have less actual gameplay than even Ultimate Spider-Man way back in 2004.

However, if this turns out to just be really, really awful marketing and this game turns out awesome, I'll be first in line and beg my brother for his PS4 til I complete it. Because, once again, lifelong Spidey fanboy.

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#29 Posted by GenericBrotagonist (439 posts) -

I really hope I like this game. I'm worried that I won't for a couple reasons. First, the actual gameplay looks like a full on rip off of the Arkham games. There's plenty of other games that have done that and I liked none of them. It even wore thin in the actual Arkham games after the first. Second is the style of the characters. Spider-Man and other masked characters look great but I really don't like the "shiny" look that faces have. I've noticed this trend in a lot of games this generation with games like Dragon Age 3. The faces look like they're made out of clay or something and I think it looks really bad. Finally is Dan Slott's involvement in the game. For me he seemed to be out of steam on writing Spider-Man since the end of Superior, and the last few years I actively disliked what he was writing. Hopefully he wasn't too involved in it.

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#30 Posted by NTM (11570 posts) -

While I am not expecting a bad game, I am also not super excited about it to an extent that if it turns out to be a really great game I'll be pleasantly surprised, even though I don't really have any reason to doubt it'll be good.

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#31 Posted by hughesie27 (240 posts) -

I hated how it came across in the early trailers as it seemed like a massive QTE video game. Since then seeing full gameplay I've totally switched and I cannot wait to play it. The Web Slinging looks incredible.

I'm a sucker for different constumes as well.

The world map also looks huge.

I can see this being in the top 10 for GOTY.

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#32 Posted by Barrock (4106 posts) -

Really wishing the embargo on reviews had ended earlier. Holding back hype until reviews hit.

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#33 Posted by csl316 (14946 posts) -

Coming to realize that QTE's are perfectly acceptable to me when you're supposed to be a super powerful superhero doing crazy shit (or you're Asura).

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#34 Posted by orkosm (7 posts) -

Spidey is back

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#35 Posted by MerxWorx01 (809 posts) -

@dudeglove: How it will do financially? I haven't the faintest but I do wonder a bit where the positive reactions for this is conning from. Hopefully it gets really good reviews, goods games are always things I look forward to but imo I didn't really see anything that stands out to me from pre-release info.

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#36 Edited by handlas (3379 posts) -

There a preload for it before Friday? I went ahead and preordered for some of the additional costumes. I'm the opposite of holding back expectations... Sunset Overdrive may be my fav game released on Xbox so my expectations are probably too high.

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#37 Edited by liquiddragon (3287 posts) -

I was surprised by how positive the staff was about this game coming out of E3. I still don’t see it. Hopefully it’s good.

Sony’s all about them early reviews when they’re confident so this seems like a servicable game at best but who knows.

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#38 Posted by Inresurrection (462 posts) -

@liquiddragon: "Serviceable at best"? Get a load of this guy. People are over the moon about this game - reviews go up tomorrow. Have fun eating your words.

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#39 Posted by liquiddragon (3287 posts) -

@inresurrection: lol, what? I'd be happy if it's good. I'm just going by Sony's review embargo track record.

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#40 Posted by FrostyRyan (2901 posts) -

I'm getting that sense that this game hasn't been shown off much or at all.

It's been shown off at the past three E3s and preview reactions have been glowing.

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#41 Posted by frytup (1250 posts) -

I'm open to the idea of it being good, but it's not a day one buy for me regardless. Will wait for reviews and the inevitable month-after-release reanalysis.

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#42 Edited by liquiddragon (3287 posts) -

@frostyryan: to be fair, it was announced 3 E3s ago and showed a pre-recorded vertical slice last E3 which I don’t remember being received that well. It was only after this E3 just 3 month ago where it started to pick up steam. Before recently it was more of a big question mark.

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#43 Posted by SloppyDetective (1583 posts) -

I'm not super excited for the game but I'm hopeful. The animations have stood out to me as the roughest part in the pre-release footage. But, if it reviews well enough I have some shit I've been meaning to trade in that I will do towards this game. I'm looking for work at the moment so this could be a bright, cheerful game to distract me while that happens. I do feel like I need to crank down God of War to easy and plow through the rest of that game before I start this one though.

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#45 Edited by BradBrains (2257 posts) -

Was just about to ask about embargos. Does anyone know if the embargo is just the text reviews? Wondering when we may see a quick look.

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#46 Posted by Tearhead (2468 posts) -

@bradbrains: Not seeing any new gameplay videos on Youtube, so probably only text and video reviews until Friday.

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#47 Posted by flatblack (128 posts) -

I'm pleasantly surprised to see how many reviewers are focusing on the strength of the story. It's cool to see a Spiderman game that fleshes out the villians and side characters to give the plot some more emotional weight.

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#48 Posted by FarleysLundgren (143 posts) -
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#49 Posted by Nodima (2576 posts) -

A lot of Polygon's (minor?) complaints seem to revolve around a feeling of a lack of agency during the big impact sequences, which having just finished God of War's New Game + has me curious to play a game trying to, in some ways, do similar Big Set Pieces. God of War could often be described with this sentence from Polygon's review: "The boss fights for core bad guys, like Scorpion or Kingpin, often rely on one sequence of moves: Web up your enemy, zip in close by pressing triangle and repeatedly pummel them by hammering square, then back away, dodge attacks and repeat until they’re captured. I didn’t feel any of the challenge that fighting someone so legendary should entail." Granted, there are the Valkyries to make up for that, but God of War didn't receive much criticism over that aspect of its boss fights due to the strength of its narrative and overall gameplay, so I'll be curious to see if Spider-Man has a lot of "just about as good but not quite as great as" feelings for me this weekend.

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#50 Posted by MeierTheRed (5880 posts) -

Jim Sterling also posted his impressions of it today.

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