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A great modern Spider-Man game that's been long overdue.

Marvel's Spider-Man might borrow heavily from a selection of other great games, some of which feature a certain Dark Knight, but it also manages to make you care about the world of the web-slinging hero of New York in a way no past Spider-Man game ever as. It all results in an experience that is exciting, action packed and full of memorable moments. Simply put, Marvel's Spider-Man is the best spidey experience you'll likely to get.

Spider-Man's combat is challenging yet oh so satisfying.
Spider-Man's combat is challenging yet oh so satisfying.

Insomniac Games manages to make the characters and world of Spider-Man feel meaningful, with an attention to detail that clearly shows a love for the source material. Any Spider-Man fan will appreciate the nods and references, the chaotic boss battles with some of the comics most memorable villains and collectables scattered throughout the city of New York. However you don't have to be a Spidey fan to have a blast, from the deeply satisfying web slinging to the challenging but rewarding combat system, Marvel's Spider-Man is the best playing Spidey game to date.

It's never been so much fun to be the web slinging hero of New York city.
It's never been so much fun to be the web slinging hero of New York city.

Earn new skills by levelling Spider-Man, take on unique challenges to test your skills, visit many of New York's most memorable sights and even earn new suits with a variety of unique skills, abilities and awesome looks. New York is filled with numerous activities to take part in, collectables to find and evil-doers to bring to justice. That's not to forget Peter Parker's attempts to save the city he loves and the people he cares most about. Spider-Man tells a gripping tale, filled with some fantastic cut scenes that again show a love and respect for the original comic characters and world.

A great modern Spider-Man game as been long overdue, while it doesn't necessarily bring anything new to the table, it does find inspiration from some of the best open world action games of recent years, whilst showing a love for New York's web-swinging savour in a way that results in one of 2018's best games.

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