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Resident Evil 2

Wounded Marvin.
Wounded Marvin.

Marvin is encountered early on during both Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield's A Scenario in an R.P.D. office. He is mortally wounded and barely clinging to life, but still manages to explain the situation and gives them a key card to unlock the other doors in the R.P.D. main hall. He is eventually encountered once more in the same room, where he'll transform into a zombie right in front of Leon/Claire.

He can be killed, but can also be avoided to which will leave him to be found lurking within the same room as a zombie during the alternate character's B Scenario. Like most notable zombie characters, he is tougher to kill and requires more bullets, though a shot to the head from a shotgun will work just as well as against any other zombie.

Resident Evil 3

Since Resident Evil 3 acts as a prequel of sorts, he is only encountered unconscience in the same R.P.D. office that Leon/Claire'll find him.

Resident Evil: Outbreak - File 2

During the Desperate Times scenario, he plays a supporting role as one of the only remaining police officers left alive in the precinct. He'll ask the players to search around for the key items necessary to reveal a hidden passage, that Rita--a fellow R.P.D. officer--can crawl through to the outside and seek for help. Soon after during an outside patrol, Marvin is bitten but presses the fellow survivors to continue the wait. Rita will eventually arrive in a truck, along with another R.P.D. survivor, Harry, ready to rescue the survivors. However, Marvin chooses to stay behind to hold off the horde.

Once the survivors have escaped, it cuts back to Marvin at the precinct and shows that Marvin was somehow able to not only survive but also kill all the surrounding zombies. He'll slowly make his way to the office he'll be encountered in during Resident Evil 2/3 with the words ''I'm not dead yet...''.


  • Marvin was the first black zombie in the series, while was also the only black zombie character across all of Resident Evil 2.
  • In the Resident Evil 2 prototype, dubbed Resident Evil 1.5, Marvin was to have a much larger role and would star as a supporting character alongside Robert Kendo in Leon S. Kennedy's storyline.

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