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    In 1983 Fox Video Games, Inc. released M*A*S*H, a game based on the popular movie and TV series.

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    • Objective
      M*A*S*H is 1 or 2 player game pitting you against, either the computer or a friend, in a race to save the most wounded soldiers. The more soldiers you save the more points you get, and the first to reach 999 points is the winner and savior.
    • Gameplay
      In the default game type, the first objective is to retrieve wounded from the battlefield to your M*A*S*H (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) via helicopter. Your chopper may carry up to five soldiers before it has to go drop them off at the hospital, There are two minor obstacles hindering you from achieving your mission. The first most apparent type of obstacles are the trees. These aren't much of a factor but do sometimes create bottlenecks when trying to move around your opponent or trying to dodge the second type of obstacle, Anti-Aircraft fire. One solitary unit firing at both you and your opponent. If you get hit, you fall from the sky and you get dragged off the screen by a salvage vehicle costing you precious time. But this is still only a minor annoyance seeing that one second after the wreckage leaves the screen another helicopter appears at your M*A*S*H ready to go pick up more soldiers. After a set amount of time, this first part of the game suddenly stops and you move on to the second objective, operating on the wounded. This new screen reminds me of the board game Operation. All you see is a poorly drawn, really fat man, with shrapnel in his body that you must remove in order to save him. Using the tool given, you must pick up that shrapnel/bullet and guide it through the maze and out of the body. On each successful surgery you gain points, and move on to the next patient. On the other hand if you bump the fragment against the body, or edge of the maze, a hideous buzzing sound akin to Operation lets you know you have killed the patient. Then, staying true to the source material, you are promptly called a Ferret Face. The consequence of killing your patient is that you and lose the opportunity to save any more. Once again assuming you keep saving them you only have a set amount of time to save as many as you can.
    • Variants
      There is one major variant to this game. As opposed to picking up soldiers from the ground and bringing them back to base, there is a mode where you and your opponent must catch soldiers being dropped from the sky by a jet. Once again this only lasts for a set amount of time before moving on to the operating table part of the game. Also there are couple of difficulty changes including: smaller helicopters which makes it easier to navigate through trees, and provides a smaller target for the AA gun, and the second possible change being the lack of AA gunfire.

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