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    Mask de Smith

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    Mask de Smith is the 3rd persona in the Capcom action game, Killer7.

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    Mask de Smith is a 38-year-old assassin and former luchador. He is voiced by Miguel Caballero.

    Born in Albuquerque, Mask entered the professional wrestling circuit after developing his own fighting style based on luche libra and lancashire wrestling. Shortly before he was due to appear at a main event in New York City, he mysteriously disappeared. In 1955, Mask was killed by Emir Parkreiner during the Killer7 incident at the Union Hotel, and was later resurrected by Harman Smith. According to the Hand in Killer7 document released by Capcom, Mask was involved in a decisive battle in Madison Square Garden where he fought against an army of prototype Heaven Smiles in 1982, and in 2170 he takes on billions of "FInal Smiles" in a battle in Detroit as the main persona of the Fifth Smith Syndicate.

    Mask uses two modified M79 grenade launchers which he wields akimbo, and makes use of his wrestling experience to destroy various obstacles (usually by striking it with a headbutt, or performing the "Smith Special" suplex). Through the game, Mask also receives various upgrades in the form of costume changes that initially decreases, and then entirely remove the time taken to reload his weapons. The upgrades also allow him to preform various charged shots.

    MASK's Quotes

    Select Screen:

    • "Yeah. I'll take care of it."
    • "I'm not a monster, it's only a mask."
    • "Okay. I'll just set them on fire; piece of cake."
    • "Destiny."


    • "¡Adios!"
    • "¡Nos vemos!"
    • "They know who's the strongest."


    • Mask de Smith was killed in room #306 of the Union Hotel.
    • Along with KAEDE Smith, his name is capitalized due to it being displayed in English in the Japanese version while all other names appeared in Japanese script.
    • In the game No More Heroes (also made by Suda 51 and Grasshopper), Travis Touchdown finds luchador masks left with notes signed by a "M S." These notes allow Travis to unlock wrestling moves, and as such it is believed that these notes are from Mask De Smith.

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