Mask of Deception

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    The Mask of Deception is a legendary item in EverQuest. It allows rogues and bards to cast an illusion upon themselves so that they appear to be a Dark Elf.

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    The Mask of Deception allows rogues and bards to cast an illusion upon themselves, which allows them to appear as a Dark Elf for a period of time. This allows them to not only fool other adventurers, but also allows access to areas they may not normally be able to access such as the deeper areas of Neriak. It can be used an unlimited number of times.

    It is carried by the ghoul assassin, who is an undead froglok in Lower Guk that can both cloak himself and see other cloaked individuals.

    • Slot: Face
    • Stats: AC +4, CHA +13, SV MAGIC +7
    • Weight: 0.4 (Small)


    The Mask of Deception replaced the Guise of the Deceiver not long after the release of the game. The original mask allowed any race or class to use the illusion because they could cast the spell by clicking the mask from their main inventory slots without actually wearing it. This was later considered to be too powerful. The compromise was to limit it to the two classes who would conceivably use disguises and make it so it had to be worn to cast the spell. However, players who had obtained the Guise of the Deceiver were allowed to keep it, which meant a handful of players on each server had an item that no longer existed.


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