Am I the only one whos noticing these issues with the PS3 version

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Ok, so Im about done with a complete playthrough of this thing on PS3. (complete being the main story and all DLC that was on Disc) and while the game is still good, there are some issues that I really hope Bioware addresses that I dont think were in the 360 build. I dont want to bring up the save file erasing bug because they already acknowledge they are going to fix that.  
1. When I got to open a door, theres this weird pop in glitch that happens. Its like a part of the door become see through for a split second and you can see whats on the otehr side before door opens.  
2. The sound synching is alot worse then what I remember the 360 version being. Its actualy distracting to me. For example, Dude shoots his gun, bullet hits object, you hear bullet hitting object sound a second after it happened. Same goes for some voices.  
3. in Project Overlord there is some HORRENDOUS ground textures in the driving part, plus you can glitch through terrain.  
4. theres seems to be some pop in with the lighting or shadows for some parts. For example, during some cinematics lighting will change around. meaning for one second lighting is aggresive on character models or shadows are missing while the next second its back to normal.  
Honestly, these are the most aggregious ones. I hope Bioware is open to patching these not game breaking bugs because they do dtract from the experince, atleast IMO. Im palying this on a rental and am kinda glad I got it on 360.

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I have them both, and yes I have noticed. It supposed to be running the ME 3 engine. I haven't made it to Overlord yet. I have some weird color issues as well. Like purple sky and all types of weird stuff.

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Havent had that. I noticed the lighting being different, but I would say thats not  better or worse then 360 version. I just wished they polished the things i listed up.
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All the other issues you mentioned besides Overlord are also present on PC and 360 versions when I played them. I never bought the DLCs for the PC and 360 versions so I've only played them on PS3, and yes I was wondering about the ground texture on Overlord which is the only thing that bothers me but it doesn't break the gameplay.

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Yeah I have experienced both 1 and 2 on the PC. Annoying, but rare. 

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Even the PC version has its fair share of jank.

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You should check the following forum:   

In summary, all the issues you have listed (and some that are even worst) are noted and there is a patch in the work. I put my game on hold until the patch gets released, which so far doesn't sound like soon...

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I had similar glitches. Mainly Shepard becoming invisible right before a Paragon/Renegade interrupt. Gamespot's review did also complain about the Overlord ground texture clipping.

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The sound issue was really bad for me throughout the game.

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