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I know what you're all thinking "here's just another guy begging for a code". You're only half right.

I first started playing the franchise on the 360, I finished the first game and couldn't have been more pleased with it. Shortly before ME2 was released, however, my xbox red ringed on me. I picked up ME2 for the ps3 and recently finished it. It was truly a gaming masterpiece. The thing is, though, i feel as though my play through was blemished by (as will my ME3 play through) my choices from my xbox version of the game not carrying over. I bought the game for $20, and despite the beauty of the game i can't justify spending nearly what i payed for it ($15) for a Cerberus network code. If anyone can help me with a code, I'd be forever grateful. If someone can help me reach a code (through whatever means are available) i would be extremely thankful.

I really would appreciate anyone who can help me get the most out of my game. Thanks if you even read this whole spiel.

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I've got an extra one.  Message me if you still need it.

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