Did I mess up the chronology?

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Hey guys :)

So, when playing a game that involves main and side quests, I try to do all side quests first and save the main quests for later. I did so in the Elder Srolls franchise as well as in the Fallout games. I wanted to do the same thing in Mass Effect 2 (I went blindly into the game), but somehow the main missions suddenly start when I try doing other quests, like N7 missions or loyality missions.

The only main quest left is the suicide mission, but I still have to recruit a member and do four loyality missions, but my whole Normandy crew is gone and I feel like on a ghost ship... :(

So my question is what exactly triggers the main missions out of nowhere and how can I avoid this, if possible.

Thanks in advance!

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Do everything before you retrieve the Reaper IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) else you'll suffer definite casualties when you begin the Suicide Mission, which should also be started once you're offered the chance to do it. You will have room for one more quest, however, after getting the IFF which is typically reserved for someone's particular loyalty quest, which should be the last quest.

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Once you go to get the Reaper IFF, that leads directly into the end of the game and putting it off has some pretty dire consequences.

Do everything before going for the IFF.

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The event that triggers the ending of the game (the part you have to do immediately or else your crew ends up as goo) is recovering the Reaper IFF, which is the only main quest event (I believe?) that isn't triggered automatically; you have to start it yourself. If you just leave that mission hanging and insist on continuing to gain followers/loyalty, then it works out that you have exactly enough time to get everyone loyal before the Collectors make off with your crew, ending with Legion's loyalty mission.

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I see, but that's what I wanted to do, and then the Reaper IFF mission triggered when I wanted to go to a planet. Oh well. I guess I gotta try to do things better in the NG+.

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@AndrewB: Oh, so there is nothing I can do about the automatic start of the main missions? What a bummer...

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@Morrow said:

@AndrewB: Oh, so there is nothing I can do about the automatic start of the main missions? What a bummer...

Everything but the Reaper IFF, but that's the one you can hold off on and use that time to complete everything else before triggering the end of the game. Just don't go to the Derelict Reaper until you're done with everything you can do (which would be everything but recruiting Legion and doing his loyalty mission).

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@AndrewB: I see... so I guess I must've started the Reaper IFF accidentally. Well, I expected I had to do at least another run anyway ._.

Thanks for the clarification!

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*actually reads post*


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@rjayb89: Argh. Do you think I should just start anew or finish the game as it is and then do a New Game+?

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@Morrow: To be honest, I think there is merit in having a less than perfect save going into Mass Effect 3, if you're going to bother with that game at least. Makes it more personal and heartfelt when things go wrong. But, I know I didn't do that, having only suffered major and unexpected loss in my first playthrough (in each game) where in subsequent playthroughs it was controlled.

Whatever makes you happy is my suggestion. But if messing up hangs over your head like it does to me in these games, you probably should finish it, then new game plus it and do everything you wanted.

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Well, I guess I am like you then. It seriously bothered me that I screwed up, so yesterday I started a new game. I'm now trying to do as many side-missions and stuff before advancing the main story. Am I right that the dossier the professor (recruiting Mordin on Omega) triggers other main missions? If so, I'll do that one when I run out of other quests, and not first as suggested by Miranda and EDI.

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Looks like you'll either have a few character die off this time, or you'll have Kelly Chambers die. You messed up, and I don't know how. Once you get the loyalty missions, do them.

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@NTM: I figured out what I did wrong, I accidentally started the Reaper IFF mission without realizing that after completing it, I only have time for one other mission (Legions loyality mission) before the Collectors raid my crew. So basically this time, I have to do everything before getting the Reaper IFF.

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@Morrow: While, yes, they do suggest you grab him first, it is for good reason and that's because he unlocks the upgrade panel in the science lab, which he unlocks access to. Personally, I think you should do whatever you want until you absolutely have to retrieve the Reaper IFF, which isn't a forced mission like the ones you're probably thinking of right now (Horizon, Collector Ship, etc.). There aren't any repercussions to the order you tackle missions, it's just a matter of variety in squad members.

I know I questioned how I played the game once I realized I should have chosen to go into the suicide mission rather than wait, but that was the only time in the game I regretted a decision I made. Others it was a matter of inconvenience and surprise with no penalty.

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@rjayb89: That's my plan, I'll play everything at a slower pace now and enjoy it. I was taking my time when I first started playing, but after a few hours I was very curious and just wanted to finish things to go to the next event. Now that I already know most of the quests, I'll prioritize loyalty missions and do all side-quests as soon as they're available :)

Thanks for your answers!

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