I want ME2 but I haven't played the first

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#1 Posted by Eric_Buck (1424 posts) -

Yup. Gotta stop making such descriptive titles.. should I just get it?

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#2 Posted by Th3_James (2614 posts) -

Yeah, it's a great game. Just read a wiki or something, and spend time in the codex reading all the cool shit about all the races. 

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#3 Posted by BraveToaster (12636 posts) -

Why not buy both?

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#4 Posted by Eric_Buck (1424 posts) -
@Axxol: I've only got a PS3. Actually I could get the first one on PC... my pc is pretty average though.
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#5 Posted by captain_clayman (3349 posts) -

ehh i'm in the same boat as you...i have mass effect 1 and everyones like "mass effect 2 is orgasmic" and i REALLY wanna play it but i dont really wanna play mass effect 1 especially after i lost a significant amount of hours when my friggin save got deleted.

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Play the first.  It is not a terrible game by any means, you just have to be an actual gamer to get through it.... it is a bit rough around the edges, but you will love it if you are even interested in Mass Effect 2.  I have heard that it is kind of hard to play through the first after playing through the second just because how much better the sequel to the first is.  I would suggest if you are even interested in doing it, play through the first... it will only take 20 hours if you blow through the campaign only doing a couple of the side missions.  

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#7 Posted by EvilTwin (3318 posts) -
@Eric_Buck:  I would say go for it.  The interactive comic will be enough to catch you up I'm sure.  If you ever get a 360 or upgrade your PC, I would definitely suggest trying out the first game cheap as it is.  But, for now, just enjoy the second one.
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#8 Posted by HatKing (7316 posts) -

Even if you don't follow the story the game is still pretty damn solid.  Having said that, I highly suggest doing your research.  The comic at the begining of the game does a fair overview, but you'll want to look into the codex (basically an in-game encyclopedia) to get some more background on the various races, species, and planets. 
You should play this game.  Buy it, rent it.  Do something.
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#9 Posted by BraveToaster (12636 posts) -
@Eric_Buck said:
" @Axxol: I've only got a PS3. Actually I could get the first one on PC... my pc is pretty average though. "
Oh, my mistake. Bioware should have released both games in a bundle for PS3.
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#10 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19301 posts) -

well its an open and shut case for you and every other PS3 gamer : you can only play Mass Effect 2.  sorry for your loss, bro.

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#11 Posted by SmasheControllers (2951 posts) -
@Axxol: Microsoft owns publishing rights for ME1, so they can't. It sucks for PS3 players, but that how it goes.
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#12 Posted by bibledoctor (697 posts) -

I'd recommend you play the first, as it is an absolutely amazing game. If you are unable to, the PS3 version has an alright lead in that will give you the just of what happened in the first.

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#13 Posted by KiLlerBLT (70 posts) -

Search on Youtube for "Mass Effect in 5 Minutes".  IGN made the video and it's a really good summary of the first game... in about 5 minutes.
actually, here's the link:

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#14 Posted by emptybob (36 posts) -
After playing the ME games in this order: 

I highly suggest playing the first game. The whole time I was playing it I felt as though I was fighting the controls, and inventory just to get through the story, but it was absolutely worth it. The reunion/emotional scenes carry a lot more weight with the back story and previous experience with the characters and the galaxy it exists in. 
In short Mass Effect makes Mass Effect 2 an even better game
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#15 Posted by 02sfraser (855 posts) -

I would say the only reason to play through the first would be for the decisions you can make but since you can't (except for the big 6) on PS3, just go for it. Fantastic game and it'll set you up for the 3rd.

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#16 Edited by PhatSeeJay (3331 posts) -

I've played Mass Effect 2 both with a save from ME1 and with a default Shepard with the choices made by Bioware.
Safe to say that there's a looot of things you'll miss if you haven't got a save from the first game. It's not major things that affect the story but it adds so much more with people that you've helped approaching you and talking to you.
It adds a sense of accomplishment I've not felt before. Also interactions with squad mates like Tali and Garrus is not the same if you don't have the story of ME1 in the back of your head. You don't need it, but you miss out on so much.
If you can, buy ME1 on the PC and play through it before going into ME2. You don't need it, but it adds a lot, especially if you can fake the choices you made in ME1 with the interactive comic on the PS3 for ME2 (even if that only involves the major ones).
But for the sake of saying it; you'd get even more if you went for ME2 on the PC as well since you'd get the save file.

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#17 Posted by davefromabove (36 posts) -

aye always , just always do things in the right order lol

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#18 Posted by YoThatLimp (2423 posts) -
@KiLlerBLT said:
" Search on Youtube for "Mass Effect in 5 Minutes".  IGN made the video and it's a really good summary of the first game... in about 5 minutes.   actually, here's the link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5ns3lSWPs8 "
I watched this before playing ME 2, While i missed out on specifics of the ME1 story, I felt like I was sufficiently educated. 
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#19 Posted by TheSeductiveMoose (3629 posts) -

I liked ME1 a helluva lot more than 2, so I would say you're missing out.

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#20 Edited by xyzygy (10595 posts) -

I liked ME1 way more than the second one by miles, so yeah you are missing out. It's phenomenal. Did you know there are around 700 small things that are carried over from the first game? The comic book only presents you with the big 6.

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#21 Posted by natetodamax (19467 posts) -

Set aside some time and play the first game. You'll be glad you did.

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#22 Posted by Lind_L_Taylor (4125 posts) -

I've run through ME 1 three times & ME 2 twice. If you
have the time, I suggest playing ME 1 before you start
ME 2.  Otherwise, you might feel a disconnect from some
of the old characters that were in the first game that you
meet in the second.
I've got such a huge backlog right now I don't know when
I'm gonna be able to go back & do an ME 1 on its 
advanced difficulty or ME 2.

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#23 Posted by danimal_furry (1490 posts) -

I don't think there is much of an option.
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#24 Posted by citizenkane (10887 posts) -

Yes you should get it.  It's not that long of a game even when you do a lot of the side quests, but it's really worth and with all of the things that carry over to ME2, it would really enhance the story and your experience.

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#25 Posted by Bouke (1400 posts) -

 I would recommend playing the first game first; i've seen the comic stuff on Gametrailers and they sure leave a lot of things out (the Geth anyone!?). If you don't have a 360 or PC that can run the first game, we'll i guess you don't really have a choice...  
I really loved the first Mass Effect and if you stick to the main storyline most of the gameplay holds up. The side missions can be tedious but the story and characters are great. Having played through the first game also gives you an even better experience in the sequal...

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#26 Edited by CheapPoison (1070 posts) -

You might enjoy it more with the experience of the first one under your wing.
But I got into Mass effect 2 just after new year cause all the buzz from game of the year and i really enjoyed it regardless.
It was a bit confusing to follow along with every little detail. But with just the comic from the ps3 (have no experience with it) but might be enough to cover it.
that and mass effect 2 felt like a continuation but self contained enough to work as a stand alone.
From the reactions here it seems i need to go back and finish the first one..

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#27 Posted by Steveolio (30 posts) -

You HAVE to play ME2, even if you haven't played the first one.  The game is such a good experience that it stands by itself.  Besides the PS3 version has a interactive comic that will catch you up.  Look at the quick look on the site to see what to expect.
Have fun!

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