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Tonight I have started playing Mass Effect 2 for the first time. I am playing on PS3. I have chosen to play a completely renegade Vanguard Shepard. Since this game has been out for a while i was wondering if anyone from the community had any advice/suggestions for the way i should go about playing this game to enhance the experience? You could also trick me into doing some dumb shit. Advice would be great though. Thanks.

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@MasterGladden: Have you ever played one of these games before? If not, I highly suggest you go with a Soldier class. It's a jack-of-all-weapons character type that's also hardy enough that you'll be able to make a few mistakes and still live. This also means that you'll mostly have the more diverse skill-set party members (Mordin, Jack, Thane etc). Beyond that, the game's not complicated, so just have fun. Oh and ALWAYS pull the right trigger when prompted.

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Haha, I've never seen anyone open to being tricked. Nice. One way to enhance your experience is to not look at anything that would spoil anything. Try not to look at any guides/walkthroughs. If you already have and that's why you want to enhance the experience, I don't know that I have any tips for that. Enjoy!

Note: And I might message you later, cause I want to know how it runs on PS3.

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- Start on a lower difficulty like Normal to ease into the experience and get comfortable with the controls and things.

- Take a little bit of time and explore the Codex in your pause menu ingame, and learn a bit about the races and lore of the universe. (unless you're really not into that sort of thing, it's good to be familiar with the different races etcetera)

- Explore all there is, take your time through missions and hub areas.

- Don't always pull right trigger when prompted, unless you would choose for the shoot-in-face options every time.

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Punch that bitch reporter in the face. That is all.

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@huntad: I just beat the game on PS3 this week and performance was totally fine. There were some very minor frame rate dips once in awhile but other than that it ran like a dream. This is coming from someone who played the series multiple times on PC first (PC died so I bought PS3 version to make a save for transfer).

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Renegade interrupts. That is all.

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@Tonyyj: Ah, awesome. Maybe I'll pick it up for a save transfer as well. I'll probably buy it if ME3 turns out well, then play ME2 till the third one goes down in price.

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Don't spoil anything for yourself. Look at no guides whatsoever. This kind of game is more fun when you end up with your own unique experience. Assuming you haven't played Mass Effect 1, do read about the universe and the events of Mass Effect 1. I tried getting into Mass Effect 2 on the ps3 last year and I didn't enjoy it. I gave the franchise another chance by playing the first game on the pc and I found myself enjoying Mass Effect 2 so much more when I was actually invested in the characters and the universe around them.

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Read EVERYTHING, talk to EVERYONE. Immerse yourself into the universe. When you're done, you'll be buying an N7 hoodie and buying all the literature along with the rest of us.

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For your first time through play it how you want to play it, make what ever choices seem best to you. Then on your next play through look at the guides or what ever and figure out how to get specific endings and trophies. As long as you're on normal difficulty you shouldn't have a problem with which ever class you choose.

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@MasterGladden: I played as a sentinel and thought it was a really fun class to play as.  You don't get as many weapons to start out but you get a nice mix of biotic and tech powers.  Also tech armor is your best friend.  But ya start on normal and squeeze out every bit of dialogue and read the codex entries to get the full experience you can.  Also I would read a wiki for Mass Effect one to get more caught up with the story.  The comic does a pretty good job but it does miss some details.  Anyway I wouldn't commit to a TOTALLY RENEGADE shepard either.  Just let choices play out and pick what you feel you would choose. I envy you getting to play Mass Effect 2 for the first time, its an incredible game.
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just play it and enjoy it.

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