Mass Effect 2 consequences

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Hello everyone, and i'm sorry if this topic doesn't quite belong here. As you can see by my post-count, i am new to Giantbomb(although i am a regular poster on Comicvine)

Anyway, I have just finished Mass Effect 2, and i must say it was a thrilling, epic ride. But now, since i do not YET have Mass Effect 3, I cannot post this thread on those forums, because of my huge phobia of spoiler-central.

I want to share my ending with you, and i hope you'll share your ending with me, so i can read how others differed from myself.

My Shepard completed everyone's loyalty-mission and gained the happiness of about the entire only issue was with Miranda, when she and Jack disagreed, despite Miranda being infinitely more attractive than Jack, i took Jack's side, simply because i knew Miranda was wrong for defending Cerberus. I was a bit devestated that after I had saved Miranda's sister, that she would refuse to talk to me over a SIMPLE disagreement like that. It seems that her ego had been bruised to a much greater extent than i had previously anticipated.

With that, I had EDI begin installation of the IFF technology. After doing only a few small mining-related missions, the IFF was secured and ready to launch. So we took the shuttle(although i didn't WANT to take the shuttle) and the mission with Joker took off.

When i learned i had lost the entire crew, i was rage-filled, and went immediately to the Omega-4 relay and started the mission.

I was confident that i would succeed, my Ship was upgraded to the fullest capacity. Multi-Core Shielding, Thanix Cannon, Asari plated Armor, Extended Fuel Cells.

We went in, took out the Collector ship(sweet revenge) and crash landed on the base.

We had a quick briefing, and I decided we would create a distraction(blowing up the doors just seemed like an overly loud idea...i prefer stealth)

I chose Legion to do the hacking, since Geth hacking technology is far more advanced than anything Tali could probably dish i considered Legion to be far more expendable than Tali.

I had Samara lead the 1st Assault team, due to her 1,000 year experience, i decided she would be the best choice to lead.

.....I was glad i had chosen Legion, because he was killed while helping me close the door. Even though i was sad at his valiant sacrifice, i wasn't overly distraught, because i knew his collective consciousness would still exist within the others.

I assigned Tali the lead the 2nd Assault team...this was my biggest error. I should have had either Garrus do it... or Samara continue leading, but i figured Samara was tired, and i didn't want to risk her i liked having Garrus by my side. So i figured that Tali was one of the most revered Quarian tacticians from my knowledge, and i thought she could handle it.....I was worried about my decision through the entire 2nd wave, and i was devestated when i lost her....I was especially sad, because I had chosen to let her be exiled for her Father's sake....a decision i had regreted then...and now, she would die an exile, with none of her people truly knowing of her great sacrifice. But i pressed on.

We discovered the crew, and i had Garrus lead them back to the ship.

I took Thane and Kasumi with me to fight the Reaper. Leaving Samara, Jacob, Miranda, Mordin, Grunt, and Jack to hold the line....i wanted to take Grunt with me, but i figured the team would probably need a powerful Krogan to defend themselves with....i was worried leaving them there.

Thane, Kasumi and I fought through everything and defeated the Collectors and destroyed the Reaper's organic-tubes.

When the Illusive Man called in mid-battle i was like "What the Hell? I'm in the middle of a War, hold my calls dammit"

Then i hear that he wants me to preserve the base? HELL no, I lost Tali on this damned place. I'm blowing it to hell.

So i told him to shut up and i set it to destruct, suddenly the Reaper appeared, half-destroyed and ready to commit reaper-suicide. I destroy it for the last time, with the help of Thane and Kasumi, the platforms suddenly begin to fall and i barely save Thane from falling to his death.

We get up, and i save both Thane and Kasumi from the wreckage and we make it back to the Normandy in an Epic run.

The base is destroyed, and the Illusive Man is pissed off, just the way I like it......but i learn that Miranda died while holding the line.

So i lost 3 people.




I won't be seeing them in Mass Effect 3, when i import my ME2 game. It felt really empty seeing Miranda's office without anyone in it....but i felt even worse losing Tali, one of my favourite characters.

But it doesn't matter, i'm not re-playing, i'm living with my consequences. No matter how sad it must be. did you guys do? I wanna read em all, so throw them at me.

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:P....If you don't wanna read it, don't.

Still, if you wanna post how you ended, that'd be cool, i'd love to read it. :)

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Everyone survived that's how mine ended. Except in my first play through where almost everyone died except for Garrus and Miranda. It sucks in Mass Effect 3 when crew members died in ME2 because you lose the extra story bits.

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A lot of people complain if you make huge walls of text, so i tried making it easier.

Can't please everyone i guess.

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I don't remember - this was late 2010, I beat all of Mass Effect 2 in one Thanksgiving break if I remember correctly. Five days, a playthrough of Mass Effect 2, and one bigass meal halfway through it. Unfortunately, I lost most of the crew that time. Mordin survived, Miranda survived, Jacob survived, and Legion survived, and I think that's it.

@Sufferthorn said:


A lot of people complain if you make huge walls of text, so i tried making it easier.

Can't please everyone i guess.

You've avoided one extreme to hit another - try using proper paragraphs (separating bodies of text by their topic), it makes thing much better and easier to read. But yes, this is easier than a huge wall of text.

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That's great.

Maybe i'll go to a English-Class Forum next time i want to compare ME2 endings with people. :P

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@Sufferthorn said:


That's great.

Maybe i'll go to a English-Class Forum next time i want to compare ME2 endings with people. :P

All right, dude. I had no intention of being an asshole, I was only trying to help and like it or not it was true - what you wrote is still a bit difficult to read because there's a weird space after every sentence that we subconsciously do not expect. There's no need to be confrontational about the issue, chalk it up to a learning experience and move on.

EDIT: Or maybe I'm just reading what you wrote wrong...

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Hey! I said i was sorry, it was an error

But for Gods sake, is it really that big of a deal? Do I really need to have 4 people tell me i made a little mistake?

I came here to have fun and compare endings with other people on a video game, i'd love to hear about how they ended it...if they're interested in mine, cool, if not, i'm okay with that.

But now this thread is derailed because everyone decided to bring in the Flame-thrower on the new guy who made a writing mistake.

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How did you get everyone to survive? O_o

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@Sufferthorn said:


How did you get everyone to survive? O_o

On my second play through I used a walk through for the final mission. The biggest thing is make sure you do the missions for the all your squad mates also make sure you're ready to start the final mission right after the collectors kidnap everyone on the ship. Then it's all about picking the right people for the jobs on the last mission.

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Getting the team to survive the "suicide mission" really isn't that difficult if you took the time to know their backgrounds. I think the game's narrative makes it pretty obvious who you're supposed to assign to which role. The part with the Normandy crew however was somewhat unpredictable IMO. I kept doing all the side missions after arriving back on the Normandy and my entire crew wound up being killed. I didn't take the hints literally figuring it was just for heightened drama. Oh well.

I can always reload that save point and just go right back into the suicide mission right away if I'm wanting everyone to survive.

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@Sufferthorn: Did you save Kelly and most of the crew?

For me the mission went off almost without a hitch. I used Legion as my technical expert and he survived. I had Miranda lead the other team then had Mordin lead the survivors back to the ship. I used Samara as my biotic shield and I took Miranda and Legion with me into the reaper fight and I blew the base sky high. Overall everyone survived except for Kasumi, but honestly I didn't really care much about that because she wasn't a fully fleshed out character.

Also quick question. I've never understood why people love Tali, to me she has always been an annoying, whiny brat. So why the love for her?

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The key with Tali and whether or not she should lead a fire team is displayed in Freedom's Progress and Haestrom. In both situations, the situation spirals out of control, Tali can't immediately take charge and her team winds up dead. She is not a revered quarian tactician by any stretch of the imagination, she's a revered quarian technician.

With Samara, the important thing to know is that she has a 1,000 years of combat experience, but not as a squad. Just like Thane, she works alone.

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Yes, I figured A THOUSAND years of experience would mean something though. But i guess not. My 2nd choice wouldve been Garrus...and turns out i shouldve chosen him. Oh well. :P


I saved all of the crew, sent Garrus to help them get back, Thane and Kasumi helped me fight the reapers, both were loyal, both lived, Kasumi is my favourite fighter(not as a character though, as cool as she is), the way she zips behind an enemy and takes em out, made my job a lot easier, and Thane is my favourite character other than Garrus.

I really liked Tali, but i don't think I had the love for her that everyone else did. I didn't romance anyone though, so maybe it gets more attached? I dunno, i was sad to see her die though, i felt bad, but i wasn't gonna let Miranda lead, i didn't trust her.

In the end...Miranda is a real trooper though...her disagreement with Jack made it hard to patch up.


I thought about reloading, but i decided to live with my decisions and consequences. Seemed hollow to go and rewrite my actions, since the game was made to turn out depending on what you choose to do.

I made a real impact because of my morals, my ideals and my choices on the battlefield, i liked that, even if i had to lose Tali, or Legion or Miranda(which is who i lost)

I really felt the hurt in ME-3 though, because i had to destroy the Geth, and i feel i couldve kept them togethor if the real Legion and Tali were alive.

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All of my team members survived. Even with Jack being a royal bitch.

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