Mass Effect 2 - Lair of the Shadow Broker (Longplay)

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I completed the Mass Effect trilogy on XBox a couple of times, but decided I wanted to experience The Citadel DLC in all it's glory. That can only be done on a PC (graphically speaking) - although I much prefer the controller to mouse and keyboard (and I'm not sure graphics for controls is a trade that I'm all that happy with).

I didn't fancy starting another Mass Effect 2 playthrough, especially having an incomplete one at the moment - so I imported a save from There were a couple of unturned stones (such as recruiting the thief, and as you'll see here, the Lair DLC). Before I embark on Mass Effect 3 again, using this save, I'm finishing off the entrails in Mass Effect 2.

Here's the Lair playthrough:

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