Mass Effect 2 Live Stream - Round IV Begins, no dying, no pausing

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Watch me play Mass Effect 2


Come watch, we have lots of trivia that goes on and lots of chat with intense debates.

Tues 4/12/2011

(10:00am PST : 1:00pm EST)

I will be trying again.  The good news is I conquered every first time scenario in the game except the following three sections.

1st attempt: Died to a Praetorian on collector ship that was overloaded right next to me, the explosion was devastating.
2nd attempt: Hammerhead, One shotted by a huge cannon in which the blast ignores collision detection on both terrain and mesh objects.
3rd attempt: Joker, can't give spoilers though. I really hope we can get a decent pilot in ME3.  This dude is a clown.


* If I die one time I start the game over again. Shepard must not die!
* No pausing, completely in realtime.
* You can feel the pressure of every fight knowing that one death means I must start ALL over again.
* Normal difficulty (considered veteran but want to finish normal first)
* I beat Mass Effect One on normal difficulty without dying, it took me over a year and a lot of heart ache but when I finally finished the game without dying it was the best feeling.
* No planet scanning, the last thing I'd want you guys to do is get bored watching me scan planets.

Come watch the fun and offer your feedback and advice. Often times we have some heated debates as well.

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