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Hey everybody, I recently decided to turn Mass Effect into a video series in the style of a TV show. I have now finished and uploaded Mass Effect 1 as an 8 episode season 1. I am now working on Mass Effect 2 as season 2 and I will conclude with season 3 this fall when Mass Effect 3 is released. My goal was to create a video series that does justice to the story from the games and presents it in a way that someone who hasn't played the games can understand as a standalone story. It can also serve as refresher to those who have played the games, or to get Playstation owners up to speed with the story of the first Mass Effect. I want like to thank everyone who has watched, liked, commented and subscribed. Also be sure to check out my bonus features channel for the complete primary codex entries. Keep an eye out for the season 2 premiere coming soon.


The Season 2 premiere has been released:

All of season 1 is here:
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I thought this was going to be news about a Mass Effect movie. I guess that's your way of getting people's attention.

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That's a relief. A Mass Effect Movie would suck.

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My Mass Effect "movie" was better because I made better choices.

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I have updated the first post with recently released episodes and will do so each time a new episode is released.
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That is really cool dude, good job.

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This is pretty cool actually. I can see myself getting frustrated if I don't like the choices made, though.

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