NEED HELP! with Mass Effect 2

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I recently downloaded "cerberus network" on Xbox Live for Mass Effect 2 and I cannot recruit Zaeed. I think it's because I am at the end of the game right before the suicide mission but I'm not sure. If anyone knows anything that can help me it would be appreciated.

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Isn't he even at Omega? Did you get the mail from the Illusive Man? Have you downloaded and installed it? Pretty sure you still have to download him from the Cerberus Network interface.

It is possible that he will disappear after you've completed some story points in the game, though I wouldn't know. I picked him up right at the entrance of Omega.

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I never had this problem, like the previous poster said make sure its actually installed. if it is just finish the game and you can recruit him after.

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I checked Omega, I didn't get mail from the illusive man, Oh i didn't know you have to download him from the interface that's probably why. Thank you!

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