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Listening to the Giantbomb guys talk about the suicide mission and how all of them had gotten an ending in which not all of the team survived. Brad even said something along the lines of how that was just a way for BioWare to say that this game was the darkest of the trilogy. I was confused by this.

On my first playthrough I was able to get everyone out safely without any help. I just used what information I got out of the character interactions and their loyalty missions to determine their role on the final assault and did a lot of thinking when it came to making the decisions. In fact when I played through the game a second time I used my second choices for the suicide mission and everyone still came out alive.

People of Giantbomb I want to know what ending you got and your reasoning behind the decisions that lead to that ending.

I did buy all the upgrades and finished all of the loyalty missions before the attack on the Normandy. Right after the attack I went straight to the Omega relay.

My Choices below:

  1. Specialist Technician
  • My first choice was Tali. Seeing as how she was lauded as one of the greatest technicians among her Quarian people she seems the obvious choice.
  • My second choice was Kasumi. It is clear that Kasumi is a master thief and infiltrator. She has probably been through a bunch of dangerous vents throughout her career. Seeing as how she was a DLC character with no real character interaction I thought she was expendable.

2. A Fireteam Leader

  • Garrus was my first choice here. In ME2 we are constantly reminded of Garrus' mercenary group on Omega. Garrus is one of the few members on Shepard's team that had been a leader of his own team. Miranda and Zaead were the only other two I can think of that had had that kind of experience. But Miranda is associated with Cerberus causing trust issues and Zaead is fucking Zaead. Garrus was someone that worked under Shepard specifically and would have the same amount of trust. The only way Garrus' team could be destroyed was from the inside and no one would have done that during the suicide mission.
  • Miranda was my second choice. Miranda has been in charge of many Cerberus project and missions so she has the experience. I just thought that because she was so loyal to Cerberus people wouldn't trust her. Also fuck Zaead. I've been trying to get that bastard killed.

3. My team.

  • I think I took Mordin and Miranda. Just 'cause I was fucking one and the other was awesome.
  • Tali and Thane. See above but this time I'm a Lady Shepard.

4. A Biotic Specialist

  • My choice here was Samara. She was an extremely powerful biotic and values the life of those she is bound to protect. I didn't have a second choice as I just chose her daughter and they are pretty much the same.

5. Diversion team

  • This decision was the same one I used for number 2 on both accounts.

6. Escort

  • I chose Thane as the escort. For an assassin he values life. i had a feeling that he wouldn't let anyone be killed.
  • I chose Mordin the second time around. being a medical professional I figured he would do well by the group.

7. My team 2

  • The same reasoning and choices as number 3.

8. My team 3

  • Garrus and Mordin were my default team throughout ME2. I thought that I should end it the way I started it. Many of the heavy hitters stayed behind like Grunt Jack and Zaead. Miranda could lead them and there were some tech specialists behind like Legion and Tali.
  • Tali and Thane were the people I've been using in ME2.

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