What did you/are you going to name your Shepard?

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#1 Edited by Icemael (6860 posts) -

I plan to bring over my female Shepard from the first Mass Effect, called Eversory.

So, GiantBomb community, what are you going to name your Shepard? Or if you've already got a Shepard you're planning to import from the first game, what's his/her name?

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#2 Edited by Jiquk (211 posts) -

 lol Adrian Shephard, a homage to the main character of half life opposing force.

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#3 Posted by Downandout (290 posts) -

I never like making my own characters for games, so i just had original Shepard, because i like his name plus he looks cool aswell.

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#4 Posted by xyzygy (10595 posts) -

Since Shephard is human and looks very realistic, I named him after myself, Kyle. lol I made some other characters too, I can only remember one though - Kaim (As in Kaim Argonar from Lost Odyssey)

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#5 Posted by SadisticApathy (35 posts) -

My first character, which is the paragon file I'm importing is named Skye Shepard I believe (it's been awhile since I've played that file) and I'm currently working on a renegade file with the standard John Shepard name.

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#6 Posted by Venatio (4724 posts) -

Im planning on bringing over my female paragon Vanguard from Mass Effect. I named her Sarah Sheppard and shes level 59 at the moment, one more level and I get an achievement

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#7 Posted by Jikla (159 posts) -

My character's name from ME1 was Bob Roy Shepard. Dunno if it was Bobroy or Bob Roy. I guess I'll just call the next one Bob or Andreas (my real name). I won't get the fancy pants character thingy since I'm getting ME 2 for pc and I have ME 1 on my xbox.

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#8 Posted by MeierTheRed (5333 posts) -

I will just start a game with the generic one, i remember how hard it was to make a somewhat good looking character in the first Mass Effect.

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#9 Posted by Blackout62 (2040 posts) -
@Jiquk said:
"  lol Adrian Shephard, a homage to the main character of half life opposing force. "
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#10 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5726 posts) -

I made my male character look a lot like me, and named him Charles (my first name). I used the generic female Shepard and named her Charlene =D
Same thing will be done for the sequel, as I will be re-using those characters.

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#11 Posted by JokerClown88 (1107 posts) -

Wel..John is my name, so I just went with John Shephard just like me.  Also went with the default look.  I never really liked the Mass Effect Character Creator.  It wasnt very...robust...
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#12 Posted by guiseppe (2843 posts) -

I plan on using my character from the first game, her name is Lisa. Just because... It's a name for a woman that I liked at the time.

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#13 Posted by Giantsquirrel (620 posts) -

I also renamed Titus in FF109?) to Titties.

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#14 Posted by Atlas (2575 posts) -

The only character I used in Mass Effect was called Miranda Shepard. She was a great character, but sadly I cannot use her in ME2 because Miranda is the name of one of your squadmates and a key member of the crew. So now I either have to make a new Shepard, or play through ME1 again with a new character. Thanks, BioWare. Ugh.

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#15 Posted by BulletStorm (546 posts) -

Ulysses Shepard, Engineer.  
Does anybody know if we get a chance to change what our Shepards look like? I want to take the default Shepard, but make him black and bald. Is this possible? 

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#16 Posted by bigx14 (106 posts) -


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#17 Posted by Teptom (2074 posts) -

I used my name, which is Tom, for his first name.

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#18 Posted by mikeeegeee (1636 posts) -

Does nobody name their Shepard something like Clancy or Tabernacle? Or like, Shamgod or something. Butch. Angus. Randy. Grundle? Anybody?

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#19 Posted by TheGreatGuero (8881 posts) -

John Shepard.

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#20 Posted by AltonBrown (1006 posts) -

Angus. Or possibly Dwight.

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#21 Posted by NoXious (1365 posts) -

John. The entire game I never felt it was 'me' - but this guy named Shephard so I kept it at John Shephard.

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#22 Posted by Buccura (255 posts) -
No Caption Provided
  Ryalla Shepard. Originally I had an Adrian Shepard on the 360 version, but then I got it on Steam and Ryalla is now my main, though I''ll probably make Adrian and make him out to be an asshole. Though, it's hard to make a decent looking male in Mass Effect.
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#23 Posted by TheMustacheHero (6649 posts) -

Shepard Shepard.

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#24 Posted by GeneralTurkle (346 posts) -

I made mine out to be Captain Falcon

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#25 Posted by cstrang (2362 posts) -
@NoXious said:
" John. The entire game I never felt it was 'me' - but this guy named Shephard so I kept it at John Shephard. "
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#26 Posted by Darkstar614 (1133 posts) -

I go with the obvious choice: Jack Shepard
from the show Lost. My other characters were Christian Shepard(more Lost) and Adrian Shepard (opposing force)
But yeah the first name really has no effect on the game in any sense. You're always Shepard. It may as well just be a 'Save Game File' name.

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#27 Edited by rjayb89 (7811 posts) -

My Paragon character is named Jade and my Renedage character is the default John.  I'll bring both of them over to fulfill their respective parts.

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#28 Posted by AndrewB (7814 posts) -

Wow, I thought I was the only one to use Adrian after the Half-Life character of the same name.

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#29 Posted by buzz_clik (7470 posts) -

Tyrone Shepard is here to save us all.

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#30 Posted by Darkstar614 (1133 posts) -
@AndrewB said:
" Wow, I thought I was the only one to use Adrian after the Half-Life character of the same name. "
Don't underestimate the power of Half-life Lore! It seems so obscure... but a lot of people are into these days it seems.
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#31 Posted by RoyaleWifCheese (592 posts) -

Jason Shepard. Jason is my first name. Kinda sounds like John, only better.

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#32 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19836 posts) -

My name.

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#33 Posted by Dany (8018 posts) -

Desmond Shepard adept paragon

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#34 Posted by Red (6146 posts) -

First character was a renegade adept named Red. I then planned on making a neutral character named Grey, and then a paragon character named Blue. Then I played Call of Duty 4, and decided that my next guy should be a super sly secret agent type guy, so I had to think of a random word for his name. I came up with Milk. 
Milk Shepard.

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#35 Posted by TheGremp (2082 posts) -

Jack Shepherd.  Lost for the win.

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#36 Edited by Hamst3r (5254 posts) -

In Mass Effect I named my character Lauren Shepard, so I'll probably stick with that.
edit: oh snap, I found a picture.

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#37 Posted by Jayzilla (2703 posts) -

My Shepard already has a name. I am importing him. He looks like thom yorke.

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#38 Posted by sparky_buzzsaw (7965 posts) -

My ideas, pending the number of characters allowed: 
Balls Malone 
Ivan Ivanovitch 
"Squirts" Pulasky 
Dog Chow Bob
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#39 Posted by chmod (295 posts) -

Dr. Jack Sheppard. It's a pretty obvious choice.

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#40 Posted by Karmum (11515 posts) -
@buzz_clik said:
" Tyrone Shepard is here to save us all. "
Tupac Shepard.
Biggie Shepard.
Kanye Shepard.
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#41 Posted by buzz_clik (7470 posts) -
@Karmum said:
" @buzz_clik said:
" Tyrone Shepard is here to save us all. "
Tupac Shepard. Biggie Shepard. Kanye Shepard. "
These are all viable monikers. I also would have accepted Leroy Shepard and Snoop Doggy Shepard.
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#42 Posted by HitmanAgent47 (8553 posts) -

The same name as last time, agent shepard.

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#43 Edited by mikeeegeee (1636 posts) -

Dontravius Shepard. Ndamukong Shepard. PrinceAmukamara Shepard. Latravis Shepard.
@Sparky_Buzzsaw said:

Balls Malone
Ivan Ivanovitch 
"Squirts" Pulasky 
Dog Chow Bob "
Very solid selection as well.
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#44 Posted by Bubahula (2224 posts) -
@TheMustacheHero said:
" Shepard Shepard. "
i did that to lol
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#45 Posted by Wildfire570 (757 posts) -

For some random reason I decided to play ME1 again and this time I'm going to name him Krispy. Don't ask how that name came to fruition because I sure as hell don't know.

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#46 Posted by TripMasterMunky (2527 posts) -

Sonja Shepard.

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#47 Posted by oraknabo (1733 posts) -

My first playthrough was with a friendly, diplomatic, bald and heavily scarred male named Goat Shepard.
My second was with an aggressive female named Hippolyte Shepard -- after the Amazon queen.

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#48 Posted by nanikore (2755 posts) -
@TheMustacheHero said:
" Shepard Shepard. "
My God.  
Thank you for opening my eyes.
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#49 Posted by Ghostiet (5832 posts) -

John if male and Susan if female after my girlfriend.

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#50 Posted by Yukoei (2141 posts) -

Mike Oxonfire

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