Which sides quests from ME1 affect ME2?

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I'm replaying both games in preparation for the third because I don't really remember the choices I've made across the 5 careers I have spread out between the games and who was romanced and all that stuff. Also to refresh me on what exactly is really going on and all the complications.

Problem is I really don't want to do 15 hours of side missions in ME1 before moving on to 2, where I'll probably spend some time on (just incase there's a lot that affects 3). So are there any really important side quests that I should do that have some sort of impact on 2? A Google search revealed they're mostly minor impacts, just to be sure what are your guys' thoughts? Thanks

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None of them?

You'll get some emails, and maybe a line of dialogue but that's pretty much it.

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Killing or not killing Wrex is the only choice with any overt affect on the ME2 unvierse, and even then, the result is change in dialogue, not the plot.

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I just finished doing the same, playing absolutely zero of the side missions, and didn't feel like I missed anything. It's actually kind of funny how the treat you like you knew Cerberus in Mass Effect 2 even if you went out of your way to never cross them in the first game.

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Well that makes things easier. Thanks guys!

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