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Overlord is over fast and a little overpriced

The latest DLC for Mass Effect 2 touts 5 new areas as one of it's main selling points, which should probably tell you something right off the bat. ME2 was hardly a game lacking in areas as far as I'm concerned, so telling me I get 5 more doesn't exactly get me pumped. The mission in Overlord starts like most of the DLC so far, you get an e-mail from Martin Sheen telling you to head out to yet another Cerberus F'up. Upon arriving on the planet, you learn that the latest experiment in Virtual Intelligence has gone awry, and you need to stop it before it uploads out of it's confined lab and into galactic network, probably getting up to no good at that point. From there you hop around the new areas, one of which is designed entirely for the Hammerhead hovercraft, which was introduced as free DLC from the Cerberus network. Shooting ensues, and the whole thing wraps up in about 2 to 3 hours. 
One of my biggest peeves with Overlord is how empty it feels. Besides Shepard and couple other characters, no one else says a word.  It doesn't matter which teammates you bring with, none of them say anything, it's like they all just became mute during the whole ordeal. I realize that getting all the voice actors back to do a few lines of dialogue each would probably have been cost prohibitive, but it would have gone a long way to adding some more personality to the whole thing. That said, I enjoyed the experience overall. The areas are solidly built, and offer good amounts of action and some decent creepy sci-fi atmosphere. The story is solid, although very linear with few interaction choices offered to the player.
In the end Overlord is a stretched out side mission, that doesn't add a new character, weapon, or even costume. The adventure is fun while it lasts, but considering that's only about 2 hours, it's not saying much. At $7 dollars, it's about $2 too expensive. Those who are dying for new ME2 content, or just want to get keep their perfect ME2 achievement score (The DLC does offer 2 more achievements) could probably do worse than spending some points on this quick fix. Everyone else should probably wait for a price drop, or some sort of bundle option.


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