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Getting Better

Overlord makes the second paid DLC for Mass Effect 2 and Bioware seems to get better with each try at new content.  Shepard gets a message about another Cerberus operation that has been expermenting with VI.  The VI has gone beserk and killed nearly everyone in the research station and they need Shepard to come in and clean house.  The story here is pretty predictable, but I find the goal of the research pretty intriguing.  The gameplay follows a pattern of on-foot, driving Hammerhead, on-foot, driving Hammerhead, etc.  The Hammerhead parts are fine and kind of bring platforming to the game.  I actually enjoy the parts with the Hammerhead up until I have to fight something in it.  Granted I was playing on Insane, but the armor on the hovercraft is so low that if two enemies are shooting the vehicle blew up nearly instantly.  I had to fight each target from afar or get behind something, jump up, fire while in the air, and land behind cover again.  Pretty annoying to fight in my opinion.  I am willing to blame that on me playing through on Insane difficulty though.  You've seen most of the stuff the on-foot section brings to the table.  At the end though, things do get interesting with some cyberspace looking stuff and a boss fight that you must fight alone.  Which had me infuriated because I was playing on Insane.  You even have a choice to make at the end of the mission (Imagine that).  This is a completely competent piece of DLC and if you're just starving for more Mass Effect 2, you should probably... well you already have it.

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