A more likely story to the Rumored ME3 DLC.

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Right since I have put my foot in it and threw news at everyone and I like pretending I am a "GARMS JARNALAST!". I will throw this other news that actualy seems more likely.

The Escapist has a different angle on the DLC. The story is that a player accidentally unlocked this DLC, why does this seem more plausible? Because in the screenshot that Gamefront had and I myself linked too, It had comments in the picture underneath the characters, saying

"Just downloaded a test DLC on the developers server for Mass Effect 3. Its an unknown pack you download like any other. (Veteran, Specter, ect) and what did this mysterous pack do?

Unlocked everything.

Thank you developers!

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Here is some Copy pasta, of The Escapist article.

An anonymous poster has revealed a screenshot that seems to imply a new set of characters and classes will soon be padding Mass Effect 3's multiplayer coop experience via some form of DLC. Two new playable races, Geth and Batarian, have appeared, as well as two new classes: the Krogan Battlemaster and the Asari Justicar.

If the screenshot is legit, each of the six primary classes would presumably expand from the already-included four to five. The Engineer and Infiltrator classes would pick up a Geth, Soldier and Sentinel would get a Batarian option, Adept would include the Krogan Battlemaster, and Vanguard would accommodate the Asari Justicar, keeping things all nice and symmetrical-like. All characters are shown inside a golden border, signifying a "rare" status.

The story of how these six new characters appeared goes something like this: A player with access to the "Developer server" was given the option to purchase (with game credits) a randomized pack. In the standard servers, those packs only include the Recruit, Veteran, and Spectre. On the developer server, players are also supposedly given access to a "test DLC" pack, which is from whence these six shiny new space warriors hypothetically hatched.

The brain trust over at reddit (where the image surfaced) have speculated that these characters may be tied to January's announcement of randomized DLC being included with game tie-in action figures, but seeing as how the figures are of the primary cast, it seems somewhat unlikely that buying a plastic Garrus for your desk would somehow directly tie to receiving a Geth Infiltrator in game.

For now, it's impossible to say if this will be a free update, a paid DLC pack, or if what we're looking at is just a bit of Photoshop tomfoolery. It does stand to reason, however, that BioWare will eventually pad its popular, yet Spartan coop experience in some form, but the specifics of which will remain hazy until an official announcement is made.

This far more plausible as well as there is offical announcements that DLC will come with figures a comic book and what ever else that may have the Mass effect logo on it.

However I still hold to my crazy conspiracy theory. EA has planned all this. They plan to sell us EVERYTHING. So folks enjoy what know as the world. Before those crazy people at EA own everything of yours. On the plus side. EA will put an ME logo on it and sell it back with DLC.

However this could all just be one massive troll. Keep your eyes on Patrick just in case.

Here is a link to the Escapist article


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Not sure if it's true, but it seems far more plausible than "Hey guys, we're releasing the actual ending in a month or so!"

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I'd bet there will be a "take back omega DLC."

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Yeah, Aria just sitting in that club with the same dialog, even after that whole Citadel thing, leaves much for improvement. I wouldn't be surprised if we get something like that.

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That would be pretty sweet actually... I imagined that it was taking back so the merc army could be led from there but who knows..

Anyways, I kind of fail to see how Geth can become a playable race considering that they are a faction you fight. Also, the Batarian story would have to be fleshed out. I would love this, because I am interested to see how Batarians respond to the fall of the Hegemony. They were basically living in a fusion of a Feudalism and Police State.

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