A usable, comprehensive PC save editor?

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Hey guys, I'm really sorry if this is a repost, I'm pretty new to the forums. Recently, Brad mentioned that he'd found a decent save editor for the ME series, and it piqued my interested. I've bought every game in the series, but after losing my hard drive I lost my saves for 1 and 2 and lack the time to replay through them. I own 3, and have wanted to play it for some time, but about 6 months ago when I perused for a solution to save editing, my options seemed really limited, difficult to use, and generally shitty.

Is there something out there for the PC that will help me convey that I saved the Rachni Queen? That Wrex is king? That Liara and I beat up the Shadow Broker? Thanks for reading.

TLDR: Please, I need a save editor so I can play ME3 on PC cuz I lost my saves like Brad.

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Go to MassEffect2Saves.com and download a save that closely resembles the playthrough you want. Then use Gibbed Save Editor to change any choices that you want. Warning: The Gibbed Save Editor software is not user friendly and requires some time and effort to use. I suggest you go on youtube to get some tutorials on how to use it.

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Thanks brodysseus, I should have asked you guys a lot sooner, I can't wait to jump in with the new DLC. I think I'll use one of the generic saves from that site, I found one that's really close to what I had and that way I can bypass any trial and error with the Gibbed Save Editor.

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The Gibbed save editor isn't that complicated. I was disappointed when Brad was on the podcast and was like (paraphrasing) "Oh, it sooo hard." Granted, I have a college education in software engineering, but I think gibbed has made the tool pretty simple with all the checkboxes. You don't have to mess with the hex values or whatever if you don't want too.

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