After listening to Brad/Vinny gush over Citadel...

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...anyone else think they might be gushing a little too hard? Let me start by saying that I thought it was a good piece of DLC that offered a lot of funny moments. But a lot of it was so tonally jarring that it was just plain weird at times.

I know Citadel is supposed to be an offshoot side story (or Christmas special as the crew likes to call it), but the way it's integrated into the story makes me have a hard time separating the ridiculous nature of Citadel and the serious mood of the overarching story. Although the premise of Citadel is pretty damn dumb, it seems just plausible enough to be a natural side mission that makes all the self-awareness and humor seem way out of place.

I know if I simply look at it as a complete side story that was nothing or little to do with the main narrative, it would be fine, but it's hard for me to do that. For something like Undead Nightmare, it was much easier to take it for what it is because it's freaking zombies with cowboys. It's a fun, goofy little thing. And I know that's what Citadel is supposed to be, but it's tough for me to make that dichotomy because it's ingrained into the main fiction just enough to be realistic.

Maybe if all of your crew mates turned into zombies I would've loved it? Hell, I don't even know anymore.

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I'm just happy they're excited by something for once.

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yeah i thought so too. i'm sure they are legitimately excited but i still dont really get why. i think maybe the humor works better if you are invested in these characters in a way that i am not "oh tali, up to your old tricks again!" that kind of thing.

my impression of the dlc was that it wasn't particularly funny or wild or clever or goofy or anything actually. hearing people talk about it i expected it to be absurd but i'm getting more of a cheesy sitcom vibe from it.

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I really really wish ME3 hadn't gone so wrong, because everything they're describing sounds fantastic. I just can't go back to it.

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Vinny got it right. It feels like a piece of ME2 wandered into the world of 3 and that's where this game was strongest. It just acts as a reminder as to why you like the series following all of the nonsense of the past year.

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They gave a disclaimer that it wasn't constantly laugh out loud funny but it is an impressive piece of DLC brimming with content that is shown a lot of love and care. Like Ryan pointed out most gamers are not going to be playing this as a side mission but essentially as an epilogue.

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I really really wish ME3 hadn't gone so wrong, because everything they're describing sounds fantastic. I just can't go back to it.

I will never understand this reasoning. Missing out on quite possibly the best content in the entire series, just because you have some vendetta of the game is silly.

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No they are not.

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It's delicious, cheesy fan service and I loved every minute of it.

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If ME 3 had been more like this I could have more easily overlooked it's many flaws...

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@joshthebear said:

I really really wish ME3 hadn't gone so wrong, because everything they're describing sounds fantastic. I just can't go back to it.

I will never understand this reasoning. Missing out on quite possibly the best content in the entire series, just because you have some vendetta of the game is silly.

So tell me, how excited have you been about Star Wars content since the release of the prequels?

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Mass Effect 3: Citadel is going to likely end up on my top 10 GotY list this year.

They weren't exaggerating at all.

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I'm going to replay the entire Mass Effect series this summer(?) since ME1 came to PSN and hearing all the love for Citadel, I'm excited to try it out. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who isn't bothered by things that are so out of place in a game.

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I, too, was burned by ME3. Like, how the fuck do you take THAT kind of turn? But then you take a look in the mirror and shudder about how you could be so bothered by something. Sure, it didn't end very well. In fact, the ending asked more questions than it answered. But it's time to get over it. Leviathan and Omega were pretty great. But The Citadel is in a category all in its own. It's the final ME3 expansion. The last time you'll see these characters, and you get to go on one last adventure with them.

It's a great piece of content and one that I can't stop gushing over either. And I fucking HATED ME3's ending(s). Citadel was perfect. It gave me some time to spend with characters I've had years to get attached to and it gave me closure.

It's been a hell of a journey. You've had your ups, you've had your downs, but you had them together, all the way to the end. Which is what the Citadel is. The end.

I can certainly dig it.

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@rjayb89 said:

I'm just happy they're excited by something for once.

THIS, especially with brad.

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I thought it was great but then again, I'm apparently a crazy person because I thought Mass Effect 3 was fantastic overall.

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#17 Posted by N7 (4159 posts) -

@chop said:

I thought it was great but then again, I'm apparently a crazy person because I thought Mass Effect 3 was fantastic overall.

Yeah, I didn't care for the ending very much, but I just did my first ME1 - ME2 - ME3 import playthrough and I don't give a shit about my previous issues. It's incredible. My only issue now, is it's over.

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No the gushing was completely earned.

It was late when I was playing through maybe the third chapter before the big reveal. I was getting tired and ready for bed but as soon as the bad guy revealed himself I instantly jumped out my seat and played for the rest of the night. It was so awesome. That's when I realised what they meant with christmas special. At this point in time, very few people are jumping into ME3 fresh, so they gambled with this type of content and it paid off. Sure maybe in 5 years when little Billy plays ME3 for the first time with all the DLC this section might seem weird but for now Bioware did what they had to for the fans.

Also Shepard busts out one of the best comebacks in video game history at the end. It's when Brooks says "admit it shepard, you'll miss me..."

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Even though I only played through about half of ME3, I want to replay the entire series as a new character, and then play the DLC for ME3. The Citadel sounds up my alley and the rest sounds alright for completions sake.

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It was a fun trip that would of had deeper impact if it was spread through out the game instead of being packed into a tiny area then further packed into a tiny time frame to do it in, basically it was EA's way of cashing in on fans who felt they didn't get enough closure before child space god happen as for the clone thing, it felt plausible(I honestly thought before ME3 came out that it would happen in some shape) and it was a pretty decent mission(minus some badly thrown jokes) I'd give it a passable grade in terms of quality. I like what Vinny said it went something like "it was a fun ride" so I can't blame either of them for wanting to like it.

For me the series is like a submarine that has crashed into the sea-bed, most of it's still good, it's just that final quarter of the submarine that's FUBAR'ed and too bad that quarter is vital to the rest of it.........

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I finished the DLC and I feel it was worth the price of admission. It was nice to hang out and talk with your crew mates. There is a lot of little things that made it worth while. An Elcor reciting lines from Hamlet. NPCs discussing weird tendencies that people do in multiplayer. A salarian Shepard encounters after the sushi bar makes a Blade Runner reference. Shepard's close up when Traynor is playing space chess. Mass Effect as a series was one hell of ride. I hope that new story can be made in that universe and not have to be about Shepard.

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It is not some incredible piece of content, but it is a thoughtful and fun bow on the ending of an amazing series and worth the price if you are at all into the characters at the end of the journey.

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The only thing that I don't like about this DLC, and I suppose this is a problem with all DLC for it, is the barrier to entry. I don't have a save that's before the end-game or after the Citadel breach by Cerberus. So the fact I have to play through half of the game again to access it really puts me off. If only there was like a chapter selection or something after you beat the main game. I'll have to wait until I've forgotten about ME3 enough to drop back in without feeling like I'm just going through the motions just to access something I paid money for.

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I dunno man the Party scene is fucking awesome, imagine if the end of ME3 you got the big happy ending and you get to have this party at the end. Would of been the best game ever.

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@kidable: I only just finished the game a couple of days ago (Got it free with PS+) and after the ending it popped me back before the point of no return. Unless it just takes you back to a previous hardsave, I'm not sure why (apart from manually deleting saves) you wouldn't have a save from after halfway in.

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@petiew: Oh wait, really? I think I actually remember that now. I found it weird at the time, but this must be why. Thank you! Good sir!

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They made me interested in it. Didn't bother with Omega and got leviathan half price, I just wish bioware didn't overprice their DLC so badly. If they were 5 dollars cheaper i would have bought all three without thinking. I'll try and wait for a sale to check this one out, but from looking at the quick look it's definitely just fan service and it shouldn't be taken any other way.

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Shepard pull-ups is probably the dumbest thing I've done in games ever...

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@nictel: All that was missing was Wrex, Grunt and Shepard hitting up the bong.

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I grinned a lot and laughed a little, and the missions were fun, and the combat simulator is a good value add. One question - is Kasumi supposed to be in this? Zaeed was for me, but she wasn't. I wasn't sure whether it was because I didn't finish her side-mission on this save, because it looked like she wasn't available for the combat simulator either.

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