Horrific ME3 Bugs

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Two days in a row playing the multiplayer (on 360) I have run into a insane bug while playing a Vanguard where my biotic charge pushes me through the collision system so I end up walking in the air. Eventually it gets so confused about me being outside of the games collision detection that I fall through the world with no way of getting back into the level. Falling forever until the match ends. Even if I die in mid air while falling (a cerberus sniper shoots me somehow), the next round I just stand up and start falling again. Also Multiple times peoples guns keep showing the shoot animation while they are not shooting.

So anyone else encounter this or any other weird ass bugs in ME3?

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#2 Posted by Tennmuerti (9136 posts) -
Yep this bug is straight from ME2, you getting out of sync with level geometry.
It appears to have been made more frequent due to multiplayer lag/connectivity issues.
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@Tennmuerti: I wish once you fall through the ground they would just check and put you back in. In single player you can just reload a save, but multiplayer rounds go for like 20mins minimum. Frustrating.

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#4 Posted by MooseyMcMan (12563 posts) -

Yeah, walking ten feet in the air is a Mass Effect thing. I've never fallen through the level though.

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#5 Posted by Deathmachine117 (383 posts) -

I once booted it up loaded straight into one of the N7 missions but no enemies or objectives spawned so I could do nothing but run round the level. I had to go back a save file but luckily only missed out on about five minutes.

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@MooseyMcMan said:

Yeah, walking ten feet in the air is a Mass Effect thing. I've never fallen through the level though.

I spent about 75% of a match last night falling. I did get a good look at the full level layout though and how they break up their skybox. That's something I guess...

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#7 Posted by YetiAntics (1520 posts) -

Kept getting stuck in walls...

Saving the game and reloading always fixed it though.

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I get the Vanguard thing all the time. It happens because you're not hosting, and you're using biotic charge to save yourself from dying, so it's like a Schrodinger's cat situation, according to the server, you either died in one location, or biotically charged to another. The host gets confused and things get out of whack.

Until they patch it, two things will fix that:

1. Host your own games.

2. Avoid using biotic charge to save your life. (yeah, I know, that's like the whole point of the class, but there you are.)

I've also seen the weird silent shooting animation bug, as well as another one I encountered recently as an engineer where I got dumped into a match with only one other guy (the host) because we both were set as "ready" and the third guy just bailed at the lobby. It was just the two of us, and after two rounds or so, he stopped moving. At first I was like, great, this dude is AFK and I'm going to have to solo this whole thing, but I started noticing some weirdness in the area. Rounds ending when I didn't do anything, guy's having less health than they should, enemies running away from me, and I finally realized what was going on when one of the Geth shooting me suddenly went flying and died. The dude was still running around the level killing things, but his model was stuck in one location. I went down after that and wasn't revived, so I'm guessing the same problem was happening on his end, where I was stuck in one spot on his map and my real self was invisible and making enemies die around me.

They really do need to patch it. One other thing they need to patch is to stop handing out 100,000 XP bumps in Spectre packs to the class I'm using if it's at lvl 20 already. Seriously, if I were actually paying for these things I'd be incredibly upset.

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@onan: Ah ok, That makes sense. I do remember that happening once I died. Although it was more like I pressed charge, there was lag in the server for like 10sec, an enemy killed me in the mean time, then after I died it decided its time to do a biotic charge. Hosting your own game sounds like the easiest work around.

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#10 Posted by onan (1352 posts) -

The new issue I was reminded of tonight is an issue where my heavy pistols specifically refuse to pick up new ammo. I'll pretty much hump the ammo crate and nothing'll happen. It's really annoying with low ammo, high power weapons like the Carnifex. I'm able to get around that by switching back and forth between weapons repeatedly, and then trying to hump the box again until it works. It's honestly pretty annoying.

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#11 Posted by SgtGrumbles (1024 posts) -

Horrific might be putting it a little strongly, especially in the context of games like Skyrim.

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