Mass Effect 3 and the 2012 GOTY Podcasts

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So, I'm a huge fan of the first two Mass Effect games, but I haven't gotten to Mass Effect 3 yet. I finally got really excited for it, and am doing an official continuity ME2 play through to take into ME3, but I don't have the hours to play games that I used to and progress is slow.
Now, I love the GOTY podcasts, but I feel last year's blunted some of the impact of sections of Saints Row 3, and I want to preserve the level of ignorance I have about the story events of ME3 as much as I possibly can.
Am I safe to listen to the discussions? Is there any I should avoid until I get through the game in the next couple months? I'd hate to have to hold off on them, I want my bombcast fix.

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The first GOTY podcast is the only one I remember they talking ME3 story and even then you can just skip ahead 20 minutes and see what happens

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Yes, most of the chapters are pretty light in spoilers. I would avoid the day 1 and the one about dlc that should be on the game.

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