Redeem Online Pass??

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So I bought the game on origin back when it came out. I've been really enjoying the multiplayer & I was playing earlier today. Then when I try to jump on again it tells me I need to redeem my online pass. WTF? I thought origin took care or that. Anybody else getting the same problem?

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Servers seem to be down. Dont worry about it.

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it's an EA game what did you expect?

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What ever happened to EA allowing up to 3 day demos of their online pass games? Damn you people who rented this game before me and stole the online pass from the box! thats my scam!

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@juice8367: It's a known issue that started happening to random accounts last night. They are currently working feverishly on a fix but there is no ETA.

Still sucks though :'(

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@drGiggless said:

it's an EA game what did you expect?

Since he mentioned Origin, I assume it's a PC game. They don't have online passes, nor an option to purchase one. Weird that they even left that text in.

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got this issue too

asked EA support and they say the routine "we aware of this issue and working on it but no ETA for the fix"

#EDIT: checked around with my friends who brought ME3, seems only those who have collectors edition is affected by this....

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