So whats your favorite customizable armor set?

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#1 Posted by Magnifitacular (27 posts) -

In my opinion the Ariake armor set is the best looking even though I don't care about melee damage.

But then again I also prefer the Rosenkov power damage.

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#2 Posted by StarvingGamer (11485 posts) -

I just min-maxed so I was wearing everything that increased weapon/headshot damage.

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#3 Posted by big_jon (6452 posts) -

Since the amour sets are lame in terms of the way stats look, I never really made my guy look the way I wanted to.

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#4 Posted by phampire (294 posts) -

I just min maxed power damage and recharge for my adept.

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#5 Posted by TheHT (15109 posts) -

Kestrel helmet

Armax Arsenal torso

Serrice Council shoulders

Kassa Fabrication arms

Armax Arsenal legs

The game's easy enough on normal, so I just went for whatever looked cool. I never bothered putting on the helmet for most of the game though. Colour schemes a dark red, like I used in ME1 (medium Mercenary armor) and ME2 (Kassa armor with Death Mask). As far as full sets go, I like the way Rosenkov looks all together.

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#6 Posted by SlightConfuse (3996 posts) -

I am rolling with the dragon age armor

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#7 Posted by pyromagnestir (4501 posts) -

Give me all the power recharge. I want it all. Give it to me!

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#8 Posted by Casey25 (154 posts) -

Original is the most badass, but change the red to Alliance Blue and it's perfect imo

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#9 Posted by InternetCrab (1582 posts) -

Armax Arsenal and Death Mask looks awesome. I used Kassa Fabrication and Death Mask in the second.

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#10 Edited by INV2 (321 posts) -

Once I got it, I used the Geth Assault Rifle for the rest of the game, so I had to roll all Hahne Kadar and the Recon helmet to boost my damage. LOVE that assault weapon! I absolutely hated the Saber. Outfit the Geth rifle with a scope and damage bonus, it's all you need, rifle and sniper in one. The weapon is light and has massive capacity. Your power recharge goes up aplenty!

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