"what did you got from the packs" resurgence edition

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I saved some cred for 2 premium, got a batarian soldier and that harpoon sniper rifle

Batarian seems melee-oriented: ballistic knife deals more damage in close range; the blade armor reinforce your melee damage and deals damage to anyone trying to melee you(including brutes, geth hunter and prime, so I guess this would work on phantom and atlas too)

the harpoon gun is statistically better than my widow III. but like the arc pistol, the damage is pretty low if you don't charge it up first.

saw an asari justicar, the AoE barrier thing works like bubble shield, very useful when hacking/hitting 4 switches

anyone got one of those geths? wth is hunter mode?

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I'm just going to also add that the Batarian can reflect any melee damage back, this includes Phantoms, who will drop dead after their execution attack.
Also I have got nothing so far. The Resurgence Packs have been delayed for a week for some reason. So the chances are a little rarer than they were supposed to be. :(
I will have my Batarian soldier one day...

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My first premium Spectre pack I got a M-99 Saber (wow!) and the Kishock Harpoon Gun. The Saber is awesome, obviously. The Kishock is really great, you can charge it for more damage, and I believe it does the same damage fired from the hip as it does scoped, unlike other sniper rifles. Moving targets need to be led a bit, but otherwise it's a fantastic rifle.

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I got:

  • Geth SMG - holds 180 shots with my upgraded mods, very weak as expected
  • Harpoon sniper rifle - not a fan of sniper rifles
  • Striker assault rifle - basically a grenade launcher
  • Krogan Vanguard - played a bronze match and took on Geth Primes with very little help, Barriers and Biotic Charges is fairly sexy.

In the process, I got the class I've wanted for a long time - the Quarian Engineer.

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#5 Edited by Tennmuerti (9082 posts) -

This seems like a better thread for new MP stuff discussion, so I will move my impressions from another thread here and continue from there:

Geth SMG:

I tried it out and imo the Geth SMG is underwhelming.
It is based on the principle that you need to keep firing to increaes it's DPS, which means you need to be sticking out of cover, not dodging, not using abilities if you want it's full dps.
It is contrary to the very basics of how the game is optimally played at anything above bronze.
It's tiny dmg per bullet also means armored targets take even less dmg, making it's strenght of sustained fire wasted on them. Using armor piercing ammo becomes a must.
Not only that but the Geth SMG does not even pack enough DPS when fully spun up compared to say the Hornet, which completely demolishes it in the DPS it can put out.
It is probably on par if not better then the rest of the SMGs.
But it just does not compare to the Hornet, not even close.
(any build or setup that can make geth smg work well, will do better with a Hornet)
Did some tests. Sure with armor piercing ammo and always going for headshots this gun will kill enemies fairly quickly, but dudes ... so will slmost all weapons.

Striker Assault Rifle:

A cross between a Hornet in firepower and recoil and the Falcon grenade launcher.
It fires explosive projectiles like the Falcon, while it only does half the damage per bullet when the fire rate gets going it will be spitting them out 5 times as fast as the Falcon.
Striker has one massive massive downside. The recoil is off the charts, it even outdoes the Hornet in this respect, when you are going full throttle even being in cover is not going to help with the huge recoil.
Basically this rifle is almost useless at range.
But fire it from the hip in short-medium range distances and it is absolutely devastating, enemies just melt away.
Another little problem is lack of ammo, due to how fast it spends it. So ammo mods are a must.
This weapon is great for classes that can reduce recoil, add ammo, or increase default gun damage to max. Basically Soldiers and a few others.
(edit: reson i'm not mentioning the charge up time to full speed as a negative is because unlike geth smg, enemies will be staggered from your explosions anyway)
After more test of setups - ammo capacity upgrade is a must, the gun relies on sustained fire and has low ammo count, so thowse extra heatsinks are an absolute must to make use of the guns full potential.
A  human soldier is a phenominally good class for this weapon with 65% extra damage from adrenaline this weapon turns everything into mush. it is a crowd controll tool and a dps machine in one.
Used improperly, without extra ammo, without giving it time to get going, with a class that relies on abilities rather then weapon damage this gun is a liability.
Otherwise pure destruction.

Kishock harpoon Gun:

Kind of a ghetto sniper rifle. It has a delay due to the slow travel time of the projectile plus the harpoon also falls a lot with distance, making it the most imprecise one shot sniper rifle.
Which is kind of a big deal considering how jerking and fast enemies tend to move.
Holds a bunch of ammo tho.
While it does do 50% more damage charged up, you are again sacrificing precious time and even charged up it is still not as much as Widow/Javelin. As only 80% of the damge is direct, 20% is a bleed not multiplied by headshots or any other buffs.
I don't see any reason to currently pick it over mantis/widow/blackwidow/javelin.
It also lacks the default armor penetration of the last 3.
They do relatively comparable damage but do not require arsing around with both the charge up time or with a curved trajectory or with a shot that takes its sweet time getting there
It's not a bad gun per se, but why use it when better stuff is available.

Geth Engineer:

Like a boss.
Finally the Salarian engineer has some competition.
Overload like always is a super usefull skill, both spam wise, or comboed with another engineer, or Falcon/disruptor rounds, etc
What you get extra: 
Geth Turret - a quite damaging turret, but with an extra added bonus to periodically restore shields of any nearby squad members. 
Properly specced the geth turret can be of great benefit during those times where you need to be holding a location, arguably the hardest parts of the missions, were failures happen most often
Hunter mode - personally im 50/50 on the thing, the bitch halves your shields and Geth have low hp, making you kinda fragile, but you get dmg buffs, accuracy and speed buffs, ability to see enemies through anything (much better then sniper scope ability), and if specced faster ability cooldown and dmg. When using this it is definitely advisable to spend as much time as possible behind your team in a support role due to your fragility, but luckily with overload and geth turet you are already perfectly suited for the role. 
Hunter mode does however have a very annoying UI overlay on your screen making stuff harder to see, unless it's highlighted targets. Frequently obscuring objective markers. It's the most intrusive of all overlays, but your issue with it may vary, some people hate it a lot, some don't mind (the overlay that is)
Advanced hardware - while it does give you the benefit of extra damge to geth weapons, this is of questionable use, geth SMG sucks ass, geth Pulse rifle sucks ass, buffing shit weapons is of 0 use. Javelin is nice if you have it, but it's an ultra rare unlock. Only real viable beneficiarry of this to most people is the geth shotgun.

Geth Infiltrator:

I'm honestly surprised by how much i dislike this class compared to the above.
It offers really nothing significant that other infiltrators do not. 
Instead of the awesome sabotage and sticky grenade of say the Quarian Infiltrator or energy drain of the Salarian, you get the abysmal proximity mine, just UGH.
The only potential here is comboing the Javelin with Hunter Mode to shoot dudes through walls. /shrug
Some people have success runnig around with a Claymore one shotting everything due to damage stacking.
Tested out the Jvelin thing, it works and is a viable way to go with this class. But I honestly still prefer the greater utility of either the Salarian or Quarian infiltrators.

Batarian sentinel:

Yay we get none of the offensive power of other sentinels/adepts with easy to setup and spam biotic combos.
Instead you get a net ...that barely does any damage compared to biotic combos btw. It can hold weak enemies, but so what? so can a much superrior Stasis bubble.
Adding insult to injury the Submission net takes it's sweet ass time coming out with the animation and then takes it's sweet as time traveling to your target.
I mean FUCK any other biotic would have have a combo come out in that time, or spammed several throws. zzzzzz
Shockwave, yep shockwave, another bad ability (relative to other biotic abilities that is, like throw, warp, stasis, charge, etc)
So we get a sentinel class with 2 shitty active spells, joy.
Blade armor - less protection then tech armor, does not give a power damage buf, but exchanges this for malee damage returned. I'm super sceptical on how usefull melee damage ruturn will work out, did not have a chance to test it yet. Seems like a meaningless thing for basic melee attacks, and won't you still die to being one shto by elite enemies, need further clarification and testing.
Oh yea, you can't dodge. /sigh
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#6 Posted by phrosnite (3519 posts) -

I opened my first Spectre pack and got the new Geth SMG... it's cool looking but meh... never liked SMGs. Haven't purchased and other packs. Need to play more.

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#7 Posted by Akyho (2120 posts) -

I have the Batarian Soldier. I enjoy him the ballistic blade are powerfull. I have went all Damage increase on it and now trying to get the power damage so that 1600 damage its over 50% more.

I have the Asari Justicar. I ruined her. The bubble thing is pure defensive. I chose the Offensive. more damage to enemy in it and added warp and such. However its stationary its useless. PURE defense would work alot better. Helping you and your team mates greatly. Especially for Gold runs. In theory.

The geth SMG just nah........

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#8 Posted by PhatSeeJay (3331 posts) -

I've gotten the geth SMG and while it's not exactly the best of guns, it can destroy an Atlas in no time if you get past the first two seconds of charge up.

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#9 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -

Got the Geth SMG, its kinda killer on health (shields aint bad either) but its recoil is killer and damage low (rank 1, but hey).
I suppose you can get a good kick out of this weapon if you spec right or use the proper class, fun weapon.
Unlocked the harpoon gun but didn't get a chance to play with it yet, I did see my cousin unlock a Batarian Soldier.
Those freaks are powerful! He 3 hits most normal mobs on Gold with the rifle combo and that heavy melee oneshots phantoms on silver.
I can't wait to try one, I love the Krogan and its melee madness and Batarian soldier seems like a great class/race.

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#10 Posted by rjayb89 (7811 posts) -

I got what I came for, you guys. I got the Geth Engineer. I don't have to play multiplayer anymore.

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#11 Posted by Dylabaloo (1573 posts) -

@Tennmuerti: Very interesting read.

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#12 Posted by Cataphract1014 (1470 posts) -

I got everything except the Batarian Sentinel.

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#13 Edited by Tennmuerti (9082 posts) -

yep Balistic Blades are pretty goddamn good
I chose extra dmg + longer range + explosion
Range is a necessity and bleed takes too long anyway, if i dont kill a target the explosion mops up.#
rips elite enemies apart.
will do a full on update on my post tomorrow
hopefully will get krogan vanguard at least by then, seems like an OP class, like a krogan sentinel except with huge mobility and recharging shields ... SIC

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#14 Posted by Cataphract1014 (1470 posts) -

@Tennmuerti: I'm really digging the Batarian soldier too, but I am having a hell of a time getting used to the Harpoon gun. Some times I oneshot Geth Pyros on gold with it. Other times I hit them for one bar of shields. Wtfffff. The new old falcon is pretty good, Striker. I was playing it on a human soldier specced into weapon damage on adrenalin rush and it was doing some good damage and crowd control.

Geth Engineer is my favorite class now, but the Hunter mode hurts my eyes. =\

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#15 Posted by solidwolf52 (368 posts) -

Is the justicar's bubble at least useful for the objective missions?

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#16 Posted by BrockNRolla (1725 posts) -

@N7 said:

I'm just going to also add that the Batarian can reflect any melee damage back, this includes Phantoms, who will drop dead after their execution attack.

For real? That's insane. Do you also die though too?

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#17 Posted by Cataphract1014 (1470 posts) -

@BrockNRolla said:

@N7 said:

I'm just going to also add that the Batarian can reflect any melee damage back, this includes Phantoms, who will drop dead after their execution attack.

For real? That's insane. Do you also die though too?

I wonder if that works on all one-shot abilities. Banshees, Brutes, and Atluses can do it too.

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#18 Posted by N7 (4159 posts) -
@BrockNRolla said:

@N7 said:

I'm just going to also add that the Batarian can reflect any melee damage back, this includes Phantoms, who will drop dead after their execution attack.

For real? That's insane. Do you also die though too?

I do not know. That's all I was able to read. It's said "reflecting", which would imply that no, he didn't die, but I'm not sure. Tread carefully.
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#19 Edited by Tennmuerti (9082 posts) -
@N7 said:

@BrockNRolla said:

@N7 said:

I'm just going to also add that the Batarian can reflect any melee damage back, this includes Phantoms, who will drop dead after their execution attack.

For real? That's insane. Do you also die though too?

I do not know. That's all I was able to read. It's said "reflecting", which would imply that no, he didn't die, but I'm not sure. Tread carefully.
I just did a test solo on Bronze. 
had the Blade Armor speced for 150% return mele damage
Allowed myself to be grabbed by the brute. (after clearing all other enemies)
I died, the brute didn't.

Seems like Blade Armor melee damage return doesn't do shit for instant kill animations
Me thinks that Phantom was low on hp and simply died by doing her regular melee attack
Honestly now that i think about it 2 classes being immune to instant kills by boss animations would be kinda overpowered, making them kill said bosses in return would be beyond overpowered.
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#20 Edited by Tennmuerti (9082 posts) -

OK a bit later then promised by i finally got around to putting in some time with the rest of the new clases:
(also some updates in my earlier post)

Batarian Soldier:

Well I said a lot would depend if Ballistic Blades are any good, guess what they are fucking excelent!
Batarian soldier does loose out on Adrenaline/Marksman of other soldiers, so that is kind of a bummer a lot of a bummer actually :P
But, but Ballistic Blades are SO good, that they easily compensate.
The blades work kind of like a shotgun, traveling in a cone from you, they do massive damage. The instant damge is enough to one shot an unshielded enemy at close range. If you are further away don't worry the bleed damage will finish them off. I usually Balde one enemy and don't even bother finishing them off instead moving on and shooting the next one, knowing that the dude I shot will die in a second anyway.
If you upgrade them for extra range and explosive damage they become even more monstorous. After a few seconds each blade embeded in an enemy will epxlode. I highly reccomend this upgrade as it means you don't have to wait for the bleed effect and can spam blades with more impunity.
The blades also have a knockback effect and will stagger enemies, as well as the explosion at the end will do the same again. not only is it a great tool against solo enemies it is great for crown control of several dudes bunching up in a corridor and advancing on you. Agaisnt elite enemies like banshees/primes etc they are likewise great DPS. Almost as good as biotic explosions.
Add to all of the above a fairly good cooldown time.
Oh yea, as a Batarian soldier you have plenty of health and shields as well as extra armor, so that's neat too :P You can skip the silly useless inferno grenades and roll around with over a thousand HP/shields
(one problem to be aware of, ballistic Blades are kind of bugged and do not work most of the time when fired from cover, but honestly you are so badass you don't need much cover even on silver, if you do you can alwasy unstick from cover for  asec fire them and go back in)
Great class.

Krogan Vanguard:

You ever wanted to know how badass it is to be Wrex?
Well this class is a fulfilment of said power fantasy! 
Kind of a cross between a human vaguard and a krogan sentinel. From the first you get mobility and shield recharge via Biotic Charge, from the second it takes the great durability, damge protection and devastating melee.
First of all you are tough, i mean really tough, lots of HP/shields by being Krogan, Barrier while not quite as good as Tech Armor, still provides decent damage reduction. If it were only for those things you would not be the toughtest guy on the block, not by a longshot. But with Biotic Charge... you can easily, constantly keep refreshing your shield to full. This mobility and shield recharge basically give you more survivability  then a Krogan Sentinel, who is ridiculously tough. you can easily charge into huge groups of enemies without fear. Now your melee is not as good as that of a krogan sentinel but in exchange you get the above greater mobility and shield recharge, which is much better. You can still efectively one shot melee unshielded enemies, but the shielded ones require a Biotic charge lead in, which hey you do anyway to get to your target faster.
Carnage is unecessary a Biotic charge with Radius upgrade will give all the knockback one needs. And your colldowns are best used on charge anyway. The only good use of carnage if you are insistent on taking it would be against elite enemies which can one shot you with a kill animation in melee.
This class is super fun to blay, you are essentialy a brick powerhouse zooming around a battlefield.
It's a power trip.
(untill some fucker does a kill animation, grumble grumble)

Asari Justicar:

Hmm this is a tough one.
At first she seems like you can either go into super defensive support for your team or into real offensive support. But unfortunately that's not quite the case.
Lets start by saying what this class is not: it's not an Asari Adept DPS machine that poops out biotic explosions at an incredible rate >.>
Now onto the defensive support side of things.
Asari Justicar unlike other adepts can be extreme durable as well as help your entire squad.
The Biotic Sphere is a great great tool to help your team, especially in tough situations where you have to hold points. It has good range when upgraded and a wooping 40% damage reduction for everyone!
Now combine this with a properly upgraded Reave, which will give you and additional 40% damage reduction to you personally.
Both abilities have long durations, which means cooldown is not an issue, so as an added benefit you can carry around heavy weapons for even more help to your team.
Overall this makes the Asari Justicar a superb support class. Not only powerfull by itself but also an asset to your team.
On the other hand we have a weird upgrade path for the Biotic Sphere that tries to make it into a DPS/debuff tool. It makes enemies more vulnurable, less armor, more damge even put warp on them by default, to set up biotic explosions.
Sounds good on paper.
Problem comes with the fact that the Biotic Sphere is always cast at your current location!
This means that using it offensively is really really difficult. Now i'm not saying it is impossible, but it is definately not worth the bother.
You will be exposing yourself by needing to be right on top of enemies and most of them just step out of the bubble anwyay.

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