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Almost Made It

Like everyone else, I was extremely excited about Mass Effect 3 when it came out. What Mass Effect 3 is just so happens to be one of the most engaging stories I have ever witnessed in my entire career as a gamer. For long time fans of the franchise you really feel the stress and exhaustion on Shepard as he tries to rally forces to prepare a counterattack against the Reapers. As you interact with your squad you really can sense the desperation and deep emotional attachment. Then right at the end when you're faced with one final choice you will really feel the pressure, and that's were the problems start. The largest outcry over Mass Effect 3 has been over the endings and quite honestly I'm inclined to agree with the majority of those people. The biggest problem is that the ending is riddled with many plot holes, and you'll end up with more questions than you will answers.

Going into the multiplayer I had my doubts considering that Mass Effect has normally been an RPG franchise. The multiplayer portion though is honestly a good bit of fun, and playing the mulitplayer boosts your Galactic readiness rating which also effects the war assets effective strength in the single player game. Even though I am surprised, the multiplayer turns out to be one of Mass Effect 3's many perks. I also feel like I must mention the game's epic soundtrack. Clint Mansell's Score will only deepen your immersion and feel of the experience. Even Faunts returns to deliver the ending Credits with their song "Das Malefitz" which reminded me a great deal of "M4 Part II" from Mass Effect 1.

Mass Effect 3 has a lot of things going for it, but there are a few minor details that can just break the experience, but at least it doesn't break it completely. Mass Effect 3 is still a very solid game, but it is just the minor details where parts felt either rushed or copy and pasted that keeps it from being perfect.

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