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Mass Effect 3 Review

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Crafting a story is hard, Crafting a living breathing world is harder but harder still is to craft a universe. Bioware has not only crafted a living breathing universe but a story open to player choice, it’s more than beautiful or amazing. The final entry to the Mass Effect universe is a master piece of epic proportion, from choices to RPG elements, it gets it right at every turn.

No longer are you a sluggish tank with slight RPG elements and forced shooting. Each gun has its own feel, each gun has its own weight which will determine weather you’re a power wielding biotic or gun tooting commando. Each have their pros and cons, each have their own mods and perks. The combat is fast and furious, filled with strategy you’ll never take out each enemy the same way. Guardians will have you throwing grenades or pulling the shield straight out of his hand.

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The blend of action/third person shooter and RPG is perfect, your abilities are leveled up according to you and your play style, even your weapons are modded to your play style. The addition of weight allows you to bring in any weapon you want as any class you want, creating the perfect way to customize your favorite class into a powerhouse. Add in plenty of enemies and ways to kill them and it’s an all out ball.

My love for Mass Effect extends far beyond its gameplay. The story, races and characters inhabiting this universe are some of the best ever written. The story is epic and to see all the choices and things you’ve done come back in a big way is the most rewarding feeling I’ve ever had playing a video game (and I played and platinumed both Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls). Seeing what happens with the choices you make has me wanted to start up another file on Mass Effect 2 just so I can see every possible branch within the story (and I already have 3 files on Mass Effect 2).

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I honestly hate hearing people, Bioware included, saying this is a great time to jump into the universe. It’s not, don’t be fooled, go pick up the first two games (unless you have a PS3 which the comic will do, sure it’s not nearly as great as the first game but its worth it). If you jump into 3 without knowing anything about this universe than you wont have a clue as to what is happening.

The story is the best part of this game, your jaw will be nailed to the floor as your sucked into the universe. I honestly felt like I was Shepard, like I was making these choices and impacting all these lives. To know what’s at stake and who is depending on you, it puts a fear within each choice. You simply don’t say “well I’ll go this way.” You think to yourself, what would I do and is it the right action to take. How will it affect everyone, will it save lives?

Story, gameplay and writing are as close to perfect as you will get. The story will have you wanting to play this every waking moment of every day, even after you beat it. The gameplay is fast and fluid, fun and exciting... it doesn't get better than that. The writing is Bioware's best, its funny, dramatic, serious and heart breaking with each moment you get to see all your choices impact every step Shepard takes. Its hard not to laugh at some very funny moments than think about what's going on in the universe and feel sad, moments later you'll be on a mission making a difference in the universe and feeling good again. Its the best kind of roller coaster ride. I don't like rating games because I don't believe in it but I would easily give this a 5 out of 5, masterpiece.

For the trolls out there, the ending is a perfect way to bring the series to a close. It’s a perfect ending, especially considering you craft the ending you want. I don’t get how anyone can have the nerve to call it a bad ending and demand Bioware change. Anyone who says such a thing, I only have one question for you, can you do better?

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